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    Who do you ship Dawn with?

    GirlPowerShipping is my Pokémon OTP. That means I ship her with Shirona. AppealShipping is sort of cute too, but I'm not a fan of the anime, so I don't really ship it or anything.
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    If Char Aznable from Gundam was or had a Pokemon what would he be or have?

    Wait. What? Today, I've found myself reminiscing about Gundam, and all of a sudden, a thread like this shows up. Did I send around telepathic messages by accident? LOL, anyway, I thought about this before. How about Deoxys? Or the infamous Red Gyarados?
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    Least favorite Pokemon of each type?

    WARNING: Releasing high amounts of hate and rage in 3...2...1... Bug: Genesect (Someone please, kick that thing out of Pokémon immediately! Why wasn't it used as some useless third-rate enemy in a mecha anime or something?!) Dark: Drapion (MY EYES!!! THEY JUMPED OUT OF THEIR SOCKETS!!!)...
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    Your favorite Grass type

    I've never been into Grass-types very much, but one of them has got a place on my list of favourite Pokémon: I'm talking about Vileplume. The reason? I'm mad about the rafflesia flower. Love it.
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    Contest Xatu vs. Sigilyph

    The voice that's ringing in my head as I look at Sigilyph shouts "WTF". And given the circumstances, that hardly has any positive connotation. I'll stay by Xatu's side. Awesome Pokédex entry (a lot darker than Sigilyph's, which is meh... so boring...) and, since it's competing against Sigilyph...
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    Your Shipping List

    Time to post my current list of yuri ships from Pokémon, maybe. Could have added more, but sadly, I'm infected with the "want-to-freaking-ship-you-but-who-in-the-world-should-I-ship-you-with-can't-decide" disease. Let's look at the bright side though. I'll have to write less explanations. Yay...
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    Name It Game: want help naming your lonely boats?

    OK then, if you think it's a good name I'll follow your advice and submit it. Thanks!
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    Name It Game: want help naming your lonely boats?

    So, a while ago, I was pondering to try and choose a fine name for Lugia x Gothitelle (it's absent from the list, it should be unnamed to this point. If I'm mistaken, please slap me in the face). The best I could come up with is: AstralWavesShipping. It refers to various elements regarding the...
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    Your "FUUUUU" moments :D

    Mine is a classic: one day, I encountered a shiny Houndour in Platinum. I was carrying one single Great Ball at the time, and no other balls. I weakened the Houndour. Everything was going the right way until I attempted to catch it. That useless stupid bastard of a Great Ball failed miserably...
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    Dream starter

    I got tired of the Grass/Water/Fire tradition, a nice set of starters which don't belong to either of those types would be cool for once. They could make them all part Psychic and fill me with happiness. But sadly, that won't happen. Ever. In regards of already existing Pokémon, I'd pick...
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    Contest Butterfree v.s Beedrill

    The Pokédex (and the anime, if I recall correctly... I only watched it as a kid so I'm not sure) depicts Beedrill in an unpleasant way. If only all Beedrill were like yours...
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    Contest Butterfree v.s Beedrill

    Beedrill is a quick-tempered, insanely aggressive giant bee equipped with dreadful drill-stings that would sadistically stab to death anyone unlucky enough to step on its territory... NO THANKS. I'll stick with dear, sweet Butterfree. I suffer from a huge phobia over flying insects and their...
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    Character Discussion Thread

    I'm aware it's a matter of opinion. I doubt I was implying otherwise. Concerning the fanservice part, I must disagree. No, they aren't dressed like prostitutes at all. Wearing short skirts doesn't automatically equal being that type of woman, nor fanservice. Don't take this as offense, but I...
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    Character Discussion Thread

    I have a question. Why is Mei so cute? ... Sorry, couldn't resist. Apparently, I'm developing some kind of crush on her. Hell yeah she has the biggest boobs out of all female protagonists! I must say, the girl character absolutely beats the boy character in overall design once again. It's...
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    Throw off a cliff/Marry/Make out with, Pokémon Anime Edition!

    Guys, I think you're misunderstanding the rules. You're not forced to post another one or answer what the above user posted. You may answer as many of them as you desire, and if you want, you may post another one. However, if you are posting one, you also need to answer one (not necessarily the...
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    Claims The New Official Claim-a-Move Thread!

    Doom Desire - Egoistical Machine - 17/09/12
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    Contest White Kyurem vs Black Kyurem

    ...I'm sorry, but, neither. They both look unbelievably awful.
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    VG Weekly Poll #54 Have you used a player character of the opposite gender?

    Girl here. My first game was Red, so obviously I had no choice but to play as a male character back then. After Crystal came out, I never chose the boy protagonist again. (Mostly because I don't like their designs at all. Not even one of them.)
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    Claims The New Official Claim-a-Pokémon Thread!

    Gothitelle - Egoistical Machine - 16/09/12
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