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  1. MajorTom

    [OOC] All The World's A Game

    APPROVED Welcome to the bulbagarden forums. . It beats me why your first post was here- - but i'm honored. This looks solid - - Welcome to earth!
  2. MajorTom

    [OOC] All The World's A Game

    Approved we talked about my tripe with it-- Settled and done.~ Welcome to Earth!
  3. MajorTom

    [OOC] All The World's A Game

    Yes. Same as the above. You have 24 hours to submit an application for the character you are reserving.
  4. MajorTom

    [OOC] All The World's A Game

    Alright. You have 24 hours, just in case someone else wants to be sonic more than you~
  5. MajorTom

    [OOC] All The World's A Game

    ENJOY THE READ: Feel free to ask questions. Story In the year 2022 the nations changed and shifted much like the daily struggle of the skies and earth. On both sides -- The New world order led by the united states and the Global Freedom Force led by Russia had tore at the countries...
  6. MajorTom

    Am I the only one around here who...

    Nope. I really love my Venusaur named "Dankasaur", and i get quite depressed when i remember he is metaphysical... Am i the only one around here who can't really think of something i do that others don't?
  7. MajorTom

    Last Poster Wins [v6.0]

    I win because I'm back!!
  8. MajorTom

    Do you even know what the above avatar is?

    Kenny from south park
  9. MajorTom

    Ban the User Above v2

    ^banned for having an avatar of kenny
  10. MajorTom

    Music What song are you currently listening to?

    BT - Giving up the ghost.
  11. MajorTom

    The ^ < V Game [v2]

    ^ Firefox. < Eating amazing pizza v Likes Pizza hut better than domino's.
  12. MajorTom

    Post Your Current CTRL+Vs [v2] EDIT: not trying to advertise. :/
  13. MajorTom

    Gotta Counter That Attack!

    *prepared a barricade of dry sponges to absorb the water.* Grabs the end of the Barricade, throwing all the wet sponges at the next poster.
  14. MajorTom

    Moves you think a Pokemon should have.

    Take the surf away from Rhydon and give it to Armaldo?
  15. MajorTom

    "It's Super Effective!"

    Pikachu, Volt Tackle!
  16. MajorTom

    "It's Super Effective!"

    Blazekin! Blaze kick!
  17. MajorTom

    Official Video Game Friend Code/Account/Gamertag List (Updated 4-08-15)

    Re: Official Video Game Friend Code/Account/Gamertag List LoL: Yuberu
  18. MajorTom

    "It's Super Effective!"

    Playing this game huh? Weavile, Ice Punch!
  19. MajorTom

    "It's Super Effective!"

    Nice Shot Salamence, Dragon rush!
  20. MajorTom

    "It's Super Effective!"

    We can't ice punch our way out of every situation, now can we? Dragonite! Brick Break that Scrafty! Edit: Ninja'd
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