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  1. Sakuraa

    Anime & Manga General Discussion

    Time for the next part of the SV chapter of Adventures. We're still following Scarlet and she has her battle against Brassius. She also has an Amarouge, which is fitting considering her name. We also get some teases for the other Team Star bosses.
  2. Sakuraa

    Preview HZ052: Kaiden, High Wind Warning!

    I'm very excited to have another episode focusing on Wattrel, but also pleasantly excited to see Ryme showing up here! I wonder if she'll be the next leader Roy has to face for his Terrastal Test.
  3. Sakuraa

    Review HZ051: Thorny Nyarote!? The Mysterious Flower Pillar

    Not going to lie, I didn't too much care for this episode. But I figured that would be the case long before we knew anything about it. I just haven't really enjoyed most of the episodes focusing solely on Liko. I mean, this is what, the 4th bonding episode we've had for her and Floratago? To me...
  4. Sakuraa

    Review HZ050: Shine Terastal! Dance Dance Kuwassu!!

    AMAZING EPISODE. Everything here was so great. It's nice to see how Dot completely got over her stage freight and had no issue with any of the cameras or audience here and could focus entirely on the match. The battle was so beautifully animated and Quaxly was such a badass. I love how the...
  5. Sakuraa

    Preview HZ050: Shine Terastal! Dance Dance Kuwassu!!

    It's interesting that Iono is the first gym leader who isn't using her signature terastallized Pokemon in the terestal assessment. I'm happy with the choice since I'd rather see Bellibolt than Mismagius. I'm excited to see how Dot and Quaxly handle this!
  6. Sakuraa

    Review HZ049: Dot and Gurumin!

    Really great episode. Dot, Quaxly, and Iono always guarantee a good time. I loved seeing the sheer duality of Dot here. She's over the top and wacky when in the costume, but is camera shy to the point of not being able to do anything outside of it. I really liked how determined Liko, Roy, and...
  7. Sakuraa

    Sakuraa's Videos

    We're back to Alola. Here is the 4th part of Ash's Alola Journey rewrite!
  8. Sakuraa

    Preview HZ052: Kaiden, High Wind Warning!

    It's so nice to finally see more of Wattrel. I'm glad we'll see him working on his flying for the first time in ages.
  9. Sakuraa

    Would you like to see Team Star & the BB league elite four in the anime?

    Team Star for sure since they're my favorite part of the SV games. However, I'm unsure how they would be incorporated around the current story unless they get some time while the gang is stationed in Paldea. The BB League doesn't seem as necessary since Dot, Roy, and Liko are supposedly going...
  10. Sakuraa

    Preview HZ049: Dot and Gurumin!

    Iono, Dot, and Quaxly in the spotlight. This should be a great episode! :bulbaLove:
  11. Sakuraa

    Review HZ048: Shine! The Brilliance of Fire and Art!

    Very enjoyable episode. I really liked seeing the training of Roy and Fuecoco and they really surprised me with how well they faired against Nemona. Honestly it's crazy that the rain throwing Roy and Fuecoco off their game is what led to their loss, rather than being outright overpowered. The...
  12. Sakuraa

    Preview HZ049: Dot and Gurumin!

    YAY! More focus on Dot and Roy together! :bulbaLove:
  13. Sakuraa

    Anime & Manga General Discussion

    Next update for Pokémon Adventures SV chapter is out and I actually got my wish. Nemona has Quaxly. Violet and Arven beat Klawf and power up Miraidon. Meanwhile Scarlet is approached by Brassius.
  14. Sakuraa

    Preview HZ052: Kaiden, High Wind Warning!

    Wow, never thought I'd see another Wattrel focused episode. Well, better late than never. Hopefully he gets some good development here.
  15. Sakuraa

    Preview HZ050: Shine Terastal! Dance Dance Kuwassu!!

    Yay! A Quaxly episode! I'm already excited for this one :bulbaLove:
  16. Sakuraa

    Review HZ047: Liko and Nyarote, Put All Your Heart Into It

    While I agree that would be interesting, I imagine they don't want to spend too much time on one gym leader since they're implying we're going to see them all. We likely will only have around 20 or so episodes for this arc, plus Roy and Dot need their battles as well, so having to do rematches...
  17. Sakuraa

    Music “Let me battle" - 9Lana - Pocket Monsters (2023) Ending 2

    This song is such a bop. :bulbaLove:
  18. Sakuraa

    Preview HZ048: Shine! The Brilliance of Fire and Art!

    Considering Roy already faced Brassius and lost to him earlier, I hope they'll give him a win here.
  19. Sakuraa

    Review HZ047: Liko and Nyarote, Put All Your Heart Into It

    Coral carried the first half of this episode. Seriously, as soon as she appeared, it was one great moment after another. I loved Quaxly's reactions to her. She remains the only watchable member of the Explorers. Anyway, I liked the small details when the kids were snacking, like Quaxly being...
  20. Sakuraa

    Review HZ046: How Thrilling! Orange Academy

    I know, just like it's just your opinion that the show needs an antagonist to be good.
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