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  1. Felly

    Event Summer 2020 Oneshot Competition Discussion

    I think I'm going to drop out of this competition, unfortunately. I've been feeling motivated to write, but the ideas I've been coming up with for this just haven't felt right to me and I guess I'm just not vibing with the theme overall like I originally thought I was. Best of luck to all the...
  2. Felly

    Notice TWR Awards 2020 [RESULTS]

    I feel like there's a joke to be made about being the most unlucky player and also getting a town team award too, but I can't think of a good one. Nevertheless, I appreciate the honor of most unlucky player and thank you all for your votes!! (Even though I had no idea voting was happening lmao)...
  3. Felly

    Event Summer 2020 Oneshot Competition Discussion

    I got a rough outline down on paper today! I'm pretty satisfied with the idea I have, I just need to start writing it out. I'm probably going to wrap up the next chapter of What Changes Us since I've already started that and got the first draft of it done today, and then once that's posted, I'll...
  4. Felly

    Felly's Art Dump

    I actually haven't listened to Smile yet! I'll have to give it a listen some time, haha. I didn't know she'd shown up on MasterChef Australia either, but I haven't seen a MasterChef episode in years.
  5. Felly

    Felly's Art Dump

    New month, new signature/avatar set, and we back to Photoshop. :raised_hands: We also back to the Katy Perry theme.
  6. Felly

    Event Summer 2020 Oneshot Competition Discussion

    Meanwhile, I'm over here not even started yet, haha. I don't even have an outline yet. Been working on another writing project outside of the Pokemon fandom, but I'm going to eventually alternate between the two stories, once I come up with an idea for this. I think I'm starting to get the...
  7. Felly

    Event EVENT: Summer 2020 Oneshot Competition Announcement

    Oh, I failed to mention it in my last post, but I'll just enter this as a participant.
  8. Felly

    Music What song are you currently listening to?

    Gaby Moreno - Ave Que Emigra
  9. Felly

    How are you feeling today? Vol. 2

    A little tired and hungry, but otherwise okay.
  10. Felly

    Gaming burnouts.

    I feel like this happens to me more often than not, unfortunate as that sounds. I'm not really sure I've found any real way to get past it yet, but I usually just try to find another game I'll enjoy. Sometimes it's just the difficulty of the game for me, other times, it's just burn out from...
  11. Felly

    What Type Advantage Pokemon comes to mind?

  12. Felly

    A Pokemon Starting with V.2

  13. Felly

    How many alerts did you have last time you logged in?

  14. Felly

    Post your current Ctrl+V (v2)

  15. Felly

    Do you even know what the above avatar is?

    A character from a manga.
  16. Felly

    POPULAR: What Did You Write Today?

    559 words into chapter 7 of What Changes Us, as well as a little bit of editing. I think I've hit a stopping point for this chapter, since I think the direction I want to go with it would be a little awkward to throw in mid-chapter.
  17. Felly

    Tell us what you think of the Pokemon above....

    Bulky electric boi is bulky. Magmortar
  18. Felly

    GO Do you have any Shiny Pokémon in Pokémon Go?

    Picked up 3 shiny Gastly during community day. Gonna evolve one into Haunter and the other into Gengar eventually.
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