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    WISHMKR Jirachi Giveaway

    Thank you! Gave you a shiny Lampent in return :) Merry Christmas!
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    GEN VI: LF: Shaymin, Manaphy

    Ok, I can breed you any gender you want. They're adamant and huge power.
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    WISHMKR Jirachi Giveaway

    Re: WISHMAKR Jirachi Giveaway How kind of you! I'd love to have one. I don't care what nature it is. I'll add your friend code in a sec. Thanks and happy holidays!
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    GEN VI: LF: Shaymin, Manaphy

    They're adamant and huge power but will have to get back to you on genders sometime tomorrow when I get on my 3ds
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    GEN VI: LF: Shaymin, Manaphy

    5IVs: Gible, Bagon (w/Dragon Dance), Houndour, Chespin, Kangaskhan, Scraggy (w/egg moves), Axew, Sneasel, Aron, Riolu, Marill, Gligar Shinies: Feebas, Ninetales, Phanpy, Lampent, Gligar (4 IVS), Fraxure, Murkrow
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    GEN VI: LF: Shaymin, Manaphy

    I'm looking for Shaymin and Manaphy, the only events I don't have. I have an extra Keldeo to trade for the Shaymin only, as well as some shinies and 5IV pokes for Manaphy.
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    What Pokemon would you change (their type/evolution) ?

    Yeah the whole deception thing and tricking others into thinking the fake mouth is real to scare them off sounds very Dark type to me. It's still a good type combo...Fairy/Dark, and the weaknesses it would have would be less exploitable.
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    Pokémon you like but everyone else hate?

    Emboar and Bidoof. I think Emboar is pretty rad design wise, and love the shiny coloration. I wasn't fond of it when it was first revealed because I wish it stayed on four legs, but it grew on me. Bidoof because I think it's funny, cute, and I love beavers in general. I think there's nothing...
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    What Pokemon would you change (their type/evolution) ?

    Mawile -Fairy/Dark I never got why it was a steel type in the first place. It always looked like a Dark type to me. Are the teeth made of steel? It says the jaws are made of steel but looks nothing like metal, and can articulate them as if they were made of flesh and bone.
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    GEN VI: Charizardite Y

    Looking for a 2nd Charizardite Y for a friend of mine. Not sure what these go for other than other Mega Stones but I can offer the following: **SHINIES:** * Eevee- Lv 1, Rash, Adaptability, Nicknamable * Ralts- Lv 1, Docile, Synchronize, Nicknamable * Gligar- Lv 1, Impish...
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    Mega Evolution

    No I use Impish. His damage output is low, I agree, but his strong defense has saved my ass many times, when my other Megas wound up dying in the first round (Lucario, Charizard, Gengar, despite having perfect IVs) and Heavy Slam is pretty reliable as long as the opponents aren't heavy. This is...
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    Mega Evolution

    I started using Mega Aggron and love it. I bred a 6IV one (was supposed to be 5IV but Sp Atk randomly got 31 too, lol) and had someone hatch it shiny for me. I invested EVs in HP, Sp Def and Def, and he's a tank. So far he hasn't gotten knocked out in Battle Maison when my other Megas had a hard...
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    Mega Evolution

    Not sure if I'm a fan of Mega Lati@s's design, but I'll wait till the official art and better pictures come out before I form an opinion. It isn't bad, I just think they could've made it cooler. I too would like to see less popular Pokemon gets Megas rather than already powerful Pokemon who...
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    Contest Battle of the fully-evolved frogs!

    Toss up between Toxicroak and Greninja, but will go with the ninja since I like Dark types.
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    Claims The New Official Claim-a-Pokémon Thread!

    Re: The New Official Claim-a-Pokemon thread! (UPDATE: All Gen 6 Pokemon added!) Going to change mine since Gen 6's were added. Mega Houndoom- Harmonica- 23/11/13
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    Ideas For New Pokemon

    Poison/Dark Gila Monster lizard type Steel/Ghost metal horse with train parts, like a ghost train. Has smoke stacks on back emitting purple ghostly smoke. Inspired by the wild west. Would be a roaming legendary. Water/Psychic Mardi Gras type alligator Water starter dolphin Fire starter moose...
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    Offering: Trainer and Egg Shiny Values with Instacheck Hotspot

    Each person has a shiny value, called a trainer shiny value. If an egg shiny value matches a trainer shiny value, that egg will hatch shiny 100%. For example, my TSV is 3683. If someone has an egg with an egg shiny value of 3683, they can send me the egg, I will hatch it for them, it will hatch...
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    Contest Darkrai or Cresselia?

    Darkrai. Not a fan of Cresselia's design at all.
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    Wonder Trade Thread: Dat Wascly Wabbit!

    Ah ok. Well if you breed a Pokemon with another that has that nature holding an Everstone, it will pass down that nature 100%. It's easy to get perfect Pokemon this generation, including perfect IVs : ) Though I'm hoping hacked Pokemon don't go through Wondertrade once the bank opens.
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    Pokemon that disappointed you on playthroughs

    Gengar/Mega Gengar. Great for attacking, but can't take a hit. IV bred too. Been having bad luck with it in Battle Maison. It seems like all the opponent's Pokemon have Sucker Punch to OHKO it and they ALL gang up on Mega Gengar to take it out first :B
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