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    Tea in the Garden

    Yeah, fly somewhere? Teleport somewhere else. Walk into a town? Teleport somewhere else. Dance? Idk but they'll probably teleport somewhere else.
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    Mispronounced Names in the Pokemon World That Annoy You

    My teacher pronounces charizard like the word chorizo
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    What have you named your rivals and friends?

    Poo, Asshat, you know, the mature stuff.
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    The Bulbagarden Conversational Chat, Vol. 3

    I KNEW IT. It's like mama always said, never trust a leaf.
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    The Bulbagarden Conversational Chat, Vol. 3

    Oooo, awkward moment where you don't catch internet sarcasm. Sometimes I think there needs to be a button.
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    The Bulbagarden Conversational Chat, Vol. 3

    Ouch. How'd that happen? Did you procceed to play twister in the dark?
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    Hottest Pokémon Girl

    Flannery. She's so hot she uses fire types!
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    Tea in the Garden

    In the game corner, I would just throw away all my money buying coins until I had enough to actually get something.
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    What does ^'s signature tell you about them?

    ^ believes people who wear hair helicopters are sexy
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    ^ The One Above [v2]

    ^ is apparently residing within a fictional location in fictional New York
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    The Bulbagarden Conversational Chat, Vol. 3

    Yeah, there seems to be an epidemic of it amongst the seniors. We need to find the cure!
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    Have You Ever Lost Interest in Pokemon?

    Yeah in third grade I decided Yu Gi Oh was cooler...... that didn't last long
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    The Bulbagarden Conversational Chat, Vol. 3

    If we're talking about our todays, I have to say I'm a little irked teachers keep giving me useless homework. Since senior year starters, I've contracted this terrible urge to never do anything.
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    VG Weekly Poll #30 Which Kyurem form is your favourite?

    IMO, it will be hard to see which ones my favorite until I see how they operate in battle. It kinda boils down to whether you like the reshiram or zekrom design right now.
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    Explain Your Usertitle

    Well....since I didn't want to say the already overused meme, I just decided to take note of the squintiness
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    how many times has your AR broke

    I've only had 1. And I would always get the codes wrong, so one day it just decided to stop working on me. Meanie.
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    What if your avatar met the avatar above?

    Re: What if you avatar met the avatar above? Cosmic horror hellbent on being evil and taking over the universe? CHALLENGE.....denied.
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    ^ The One Above [v2]

    ^ believes they have a sort of sexual appeal :p
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    What was the last thing you did before you went on the computer just now?

    Danced with no music on.
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    Will you be my...

    Umm, sure? Will you be my phone recharger?
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