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    Clever Pokémon Nicknames

    The portugese for ''emerald'' is esmeralda xP which is obviasly the rare green stone ;)
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    What's the Most Foolish Thing You've done with a Master Ball?

    On emerald i used it to catch an oddish. How pissed was my friend xD
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    Pokemon's moves that made you go...

    ''Pikachu used fly'', i was like WHAAAAAAAAAAAT! But that seems to be very normal xP. Lapras with iron or aqua tail. Could anyone, please tell me WHERE THE HELL IS HER TAIL????????
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    What's your most hated ability/What ability do you think is the most useless?

    I think sturdy has become a stupid ability to fight against.... Anticipation, light metal, hustle on togepi and mummy aren't needed
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    Pokemon you didn't think you would use

    Probably Zebstrika cuse when i tried to train blitzle, he didn't kill 1 pokemon, and he has Adamant nature :/
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    New Evos/Prevos + Eeveelution poll

    Re: New Eeveelutions? aireon
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    Do you think any current Pokémon will have Evolutions or Preevolutions?

    Re: Do you think any current Pokemon will have Evolutions or Preevolutions? i think an evolution for Farfetch'd and Tauros would be nice
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    Your favourite water type

    Kiogre and i would say Empoleon..
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    Which Gym Leader is your favorite?

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    Whats Your Birthday Pokemon?

    10/07/96=113= Chansey Kanto=Chansey Johto=...... Hoenn=Walrein Sinnoh=it will come on the V gen i think!!
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    Did Pokémon change your life?

    of course it did.... if i dind't like pokemon i : -didn't meet u guys!!!!!!!And that's important..... -i would call nerd, baby... to my best friend..... -i would continue to fell that empty spot inside me!! so that's how pokemon changed my life!
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    Least Memorable Pokemon?

    i think that it's Dunsparce and quilfish
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    Ideas For New Pokemon

    I thought in a new eevee evolution called aireon..... it would evolve with a shiny stone
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    Favorite Electric Type Pokemon

    Re: Favorite Elecric Type Pokemon I think that it's Electivire
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    Heart Gold/ Soul Silver Pre-National Team

    I think i 'll have: Meganium Crobat Dragonite Scizor Hitmonlee Gengar
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    Have we reached the limits of pokemon?

    I really hope not..........
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    What do you think Pokémon will be in 2016?

    I wish that i can throw pokeballs and pokemons get out of there..............but i don't really think that it's going to happen on 2016!
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    Best Starter Pokemon?

    Re: Best starter Poekmon? Cindaquil!! Because typhosion is ........ ,everyone knows!!!!!
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    The most beautiful Pokémon

    I think that Dragonite is beautiful, but Latios is way gorgeous than him!!!
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