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Mafia 123 Mafia by RavenRaziel98 (Bastard) (OC)

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End of D1/Start of N1 - Don't fear the Reaper
Day 1 Final Vote Count:
RavenRaziel98 (2): ZinnLav, JamieIsBored
DawningWinds (2): Quasar_Catfish, RavenRaziel98
The Narc (ExLight) (1): Minish
JamieIsBored (4): Midorikawa, FinalArcadia, ExLight, Zexy

Not voting: beryllium, helperman

RU-DW (4): FinalArcadia, ExLight, Zexy, Midorikawa
R2-D2 (1): Midorikawa
Drunkoda (1): Midorikawa
Free Apple Juice (1): ZinnLav
Giving Jamie Liquor (1): JamieIsBored

„I want some booze too!“ nagged JamieIsBored.
The others stopped and turned around.
„You're a minor! We won't give you booze, but we will make sure that you wake up with a headache!“ said ExLight.
Everyone gathered around JamieIsBored beating down on him without mercy - pushing it too far though...

JamieIsBored has died!

+ 1x Silver Goo

Suddenly an angel descended from the sky, wearing a black hooded cloak and holding a scythe. The angel grabbed JamieIsBored, flapped with their wings, ascended towards the sky and disappeared among the clouds.

DawningWinds has won!

„Do you guys remember that weird trashcan bot?“ asked Zexy.
„Yeah, let's wreck it!“ shouted ExLight.

FinalArcadia, ExLight, Zexy and Midorikawa approached RU-DW with menacing looks as suddenly...
A portal opened and Maniacal Engineer stepped out of it! He had 4 robotic arms coming out of his back and held a mini gun in his hands!

„Back off from my master piece or I'll turn you guys into swiss cheese! Say it, RU-DW!“ yelled Maniacal Engineer.

„404, Post not found!“ answered the droid.

„Exactly!“ said Maniacal Engineer, grabbed RU-DW with one of his robotic arms, stepped back into the portal and disappeared.

Well I wanna hiccup destroi sumthing! announced Midorikawa .

Then she saw R2-D2 and a severely drunk Yoda passing by.


„That bastards touched my booze!“

She grabbed the AR-15 which conveniently laid in the grass next to her and started blasting until there was nothing left but confetti.

ZinnLav watched the whole thing casually while drinking apple juice.

Living Players:
1. Zexy
2. Midorikawa
4. ExLight
5. helperman
6. beryllium
7. ZinnLav
8. Minish
9. FinalArcadia
10. Quasar_Catfish

It is now Night 1!

You can now submit your Night Actions!

Countdown to Phase Change
Welcome to the Evening News!
Attention, attention! This is your Town Communicative speaking.

If Jamie does not flip, no Town Protective and all Town Disruptive should be on Jamie or Zexy. Town Investigative may WIFOM as they see fit.

If Jamie does flip non-town, no Town Investigative or Disruptive should be on Zexy. Town Protective may WIFOM as they see fit.

If Jamie does flip town, await further orders at End of Night 1.

PS: The person who sent this has one more ability of different category.
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We did cross gambit ffs -_- Just y Jamie y...

I am town. No one showed up to CC indep after all. Infinite Bulletproof looked good enough to try to bait kills I guess, but it was all a decoy, since it was actually Hidden 1x Silver Goo: the first person who would target him would essentially turn him into a complete copy of them, this could mean a free scum convert n1 or 2 town power roles...

I guess I should be sorry I caused town this, but I am more at a loss over what this setup is.
Oh also the Dawning PM mentioned Electrifier again, I hate this game of emotions we play -_-
Why me? If you do not want it to be here, may it be in OC.

Evening News are interesting.
My name claim is Spider-Man, by the way. Some people already know, but I felt like saying it in the thread too now.
I am so confused on the goo and electricity stuff, though maybe those interact somehow?

Still not discounting the chance of an actual indep even with no CC and Jamie being town instead; if there is a hostile indep, that might anticipate that people would expect one in a bastard game and just want to keep it quiet. Not that it really matters I guess, they'd just have to be dealt with like mafia if we see signs of it later.
mild red flags so far are Zexy and Zinn
Wait, why Zinn? I don't know about OC stuff, but all I remember Zinn doing so far is memes in here.
That could be a reason tbh, Zinn being restricted to memes could be a fake to avoid having to actually make posts. They actually have the least OC of all that I know of except helperman, because, let's be honest, I did contact everyone already lol
Wait, why Zinn? I don't know about OC stuff, but all I remember Zinn doing so far is memes in here.
that's my issue with Zinn lol
I'm usually skeptical of post restrictions where the person can't talk but can post images with words in them, it's usually a sign that it's a fake post restriction

I'm still not 100% on it being fake since the restriction could be limiting to him having to use meme templates in them, but still lol
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