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Mafia 123 Mafia by RavenRaziel98 (Bastard) (OC)

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I do not mind any and all Town Disruptives on me btw, since I know they have trouble picking targets sometimes. Same for Investigatives and Protectives, but that is a WIFOMable no brainer and even news person knows it. Just don't vig me pls lol
that's my issue with Zinn lol
I'm usually skeptical of post restrictions where the person can't talk but can post images with words in them, it's usually a sign that it's a fake post restriction

I'm still not 100% on it being fake since the restriction could be limiting to him having to use meme templates in them, but still lol
I get you, it definitely is a convenient way to stay removed from having to say much without knowing if it is fake or not. I just wasn't sure if the red flag was about something Zinn might've done that conflicted in some way with Jamie's flip or something like that.
That's mean! Don't kill people!
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