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Mafia 123 Mafia by RavenRaziel98 (Bastard) (OC)

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End of N1/Start of D2 - Ban Hammer
ExLight was searching the area, hoping to find some cool stuff lying around just like Mido did earlier.
Well, he did find two corpses...

Helperman has died!


ZinnLav has died!


ExLight went and gathered the others.
As the group returned to the crime scene, someone else was there - Nemona...

„I've seen it! I know the culprits! It wa-“

Nemona suddenly dissolved completely as Maniacal Engineer banned her from the game...


Living Players:
1. Zexy
2. Midorikawa
4. ExLight
6. beryllium
8. Minish
9. FinalArcadia
10. Quasar_Catfish

It is now Day 2!

Hammer Rules are deactivated!

Countdown to Phase End
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What is this game...

I was planning to claim that my Disruptive target was ZinnLav publicly at :59 but forums were lagging a lot since :55. Because of this, I also had to idle my other Communicative ability.
Although with Zinn being ded the former part would not have mattered I guess lol. The latter unfortunately might.

I need to check around the softs over who The Beauty could be.

Good scenario is 5-2. Terrible scenario is 4-2-1. I do not mind a public mass claim of whatever is claimable at this point.
Awesome FT.
I will get straight to the point. Most of my talks will be OC, unless communications are somehow disrupted. I also declare independence.
Here I soft Communicative and Disruptive.
Yeah I have a better idea.

I believe I know who the Town Protective PR is. They should say nothing for a while. When everyone else sees this and does not CC, we should reveal the name and EVERYONE should massclaim TO THEM ONLY with OC
For the record I did not trust Zinn and did use my Disruptive on Zinn. Apparently they also gambitted since the role PMs mentioned nothing about meme post restriction...

I swear this game will be lost just because at least 3 (maybe more) ppl gambitted

I guess Mido is no longer drunk because helperman Barista visited her?
For the record one of the very few things Zinn posted in the OC I opened with them and beryl (the last one I opened) was literally a surprised Pikachu face... How could I know lol
I also feel like Zinn was a possible vig kill. Else we have evil indep (SK?) or the NK was protection and the two were electrified and visiting one another...

Vig seems the most Occams Razor explanation
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