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Mafia 123 Mafia by RavenRaziel98 (Bastard) (OC)

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I did consider putting a 1x Lynchproof Jester before... But it is too evil even for me
Which turns out to be a Jester with hidden infinite death proof :cool:
Can I have this role?
I always dreamed of being Jester+Restless Spirit :love::bulbaLove:
Never got around to hosting the mafia I think because enough didn’t sign up, but I made a role purely for the purpose of trolling. I wonder if I still have that stuff written down Actually.
Would you make an unwinnable role?
If it's this specific role, then yes, I could imagine myself pulling this off in a bastard game because it's probably chaotic af, especially with some adjustments.
Game ending infinite BP+ 2x LP Jester would be a little fairer but still super wild. But this way it's at least challenging for the Jester to achieve the win con and Town would get punished for lynching the same slot 3x. :yay:
Odd/Even Un/Jester :cool:
Is that even allowed?
I don't know, probably not.
Good for my players ig :ROFLMAO:
Would you make an unwinnable role? Is that even allowed?

Independents as Restless Spirit is great because they have no stake in either side usually.
It did happen accidentally once with a Serial Killer I randed and I was given a No Contest for it, basically not counting for the loss record, as if I never played.
You can still make it super hard to win like 5x Lynchproof. They will call you out about balance, but it is not unwinnable.

They just be memeing
Tomorrow feels OK enough considering other developments.
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