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Mafia 123 Mafia by RavenRaziel98 (Bastard) (OC)

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...never mind, i guess he is a real person??
or he shares a name with one at least
Same for me, it seems like there are some obscure choices here. And from my own and the flips so far, there doesn't seem to be any real connection between the characters/people either, which makes me especially curious as to who "The Beauty" is.

Midori also has a point that they might not be worth putting much stock into anyway if there's a chance of hostiles being provided fake names to use; the beauty might be the only one that legitimately could be sorta flavor-solved and most likely town.
I am Spider-Man, Town Communicative
Anyway, just to avoid CFDs

UNVOTE: FinalArcadia
VOTE: RavenRaziel98
Votes locked, update pending!

I will be inputting a night action before tomorrow midnight just to be safe, for all we know it is Night 2 and we just don't know it.
Nah I think it is metabastard, the game keeps being processed normally, but we won't ever be contacted until endgame.
Day 2 - Raven's Final Attack (Endgame - Town wins)
Day 2 Final Vote Count:
RavenRaziel98 (5): Minish, FinalArcadia, Midorikawa, ExLight

FinalArcadia (1): beryllium

Not Voting: Quasar_Catfish


But first....
Welcome to the Evening News here at RRNN!
RavenRatio News Network - all the stuff the government doesn't want you to know!

Welcome to the Evening News by Daily Telegraph TV, featuring Clark Kent! Apologies for missing the Morning News, our broadcast station experienced a power outage.

Anyway, this is your favorite Town Disruptive... I mean, Communicative, speaking!

It is with much sadness I have to announce the deaths of our fellow townies ZinnLav and helperman. A worrisome threat of a quantum superpositioned grenade has also struck fear in the hearts of the town. Our dear mayor Mr. Raziel has asked that we not panic, but several citizens believe he is to blame for recent developments.

I shall keep you all updated on future news by the morning! Until then, Clark Kent from Daily Telegraph TV, peace out!

And now......

After everything that happened the others figured that there was only one way to find out the truth - Raven has to die.
Conveniently the group didn't have to search him for too long.
He was leaning on a nearby tree with the usual awkwardly smiling expression on his face.
I know what's going to happen next - but I've got one more ace up my sleeve!

He changed his position to a firm fighting stance, clenching his fists, his upper arms close to his body and his forearms parallel to the ground.
With a ferocious scream he unleashed a mighty blast of pure energy, completely dissolving himself as well as Minish, Midorikawa, FinalArcadia, ExLight and Zexy in the process.


RavenRaziel98, ExLight, Minish, FinalArcadia, Midorikawa and Zexy have died!

404 Role PM not found!


Hidden D1 Vig, if holstered during D1 the Vig will activate when Role used during odd night.
Also hidden Nexus that redirects kills but is also part of the pool of possible targets.
Also hidden even night Lightning Rod - N2 would have been wild.
Also there is no Arso or anything like that, the entire role is just a huge red herring of chaos.
Ex targeted himself N1 - unaware that this move was actually pure anarchy XD





+hidden Turquoise Goo

Quasar_Catfish and beryllium got affected by the shockwave and lost their consciousness.

As they woke up, they realized that they're back at Castle Black Beak.
DawningWinds and Raven sat on a sofa at the back of the room.
Hate to tell you guys this, but...
Dawning was never held prisoner or anything like that.
We were just bored and figured it would be fun to use you guys as pawns for our little game.
Unfortunately things didn't develop quite how we imagined, but oh well.

I told him the whole abduction thing is taking it too far, but he just shrugged it off. "Authentic effort and real emotions" is what he called it if I remember correctly.

Midorikawa sighed and said:
„Well, I guess that's Raven for you...“

The End!
Thank you for being my lab rats playing!


+The Beauty


Btw the second grenade was supposed to just vanish to create confusion and distrust.

What was this :)

I guess it is a town win since both scum were on the wagon?

Anyway, good game I guess lol. Decent fight you put up, Mido/FA. Thanks for hosting?
Ex targeted himself N1 - unaware that this move was actually pure anarchy XD
This was both hosts' favorite moment of the entire game; I stand by my opinion that unanimous Raven lynch D1 would've been hilarious but I was pleased with this occurring as well.
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