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2 New Titles......ZACK!

I hope that when the league rolls around, Ash defeats Shinji. But that's not the point.

That would obviously happen if they plan to write Shinji out at the end of D/P. If there is no league afterward like BF didn't have, Shinji will probably be beaten by Ash in the Shinou league so they can get rid of him.
i kinda like the idea of shinji losing and then sticking around to see Ash win cause he would get royally po'ed, and say hyota beat him by fluke or something.
I still think that Shinji is one of those rivals who's supposed to be frustrating because he's so much better than Ash despite his shit attitude.
I don't know what to think. But I do hope Ash wins this time, than yah Shinji would be ticked off.
Lance should arrest Shinji, cuz he's an evil Son of Akagi!

DP rocks!!

Seeing Shinji go for a badge will be awesome.

It's also amusing that Ash is getting to the first gym on the same episode as he did in AG. (#16 for both)
Considering Shinou will probably be as long as Hoenn was, it seems about right. :p

The difference is the Contest arc started much earlier in D/P though. May didn't enter a Contest herself all the way till AG35 or so, whereas Hikari entered a full Contest and lost already. Makes me wonder if we'll see more Contests in D/P to fill the gap during Shinou.
Makes me wonder if we'll see more Contests in D/P to fill the gap during Shinou.
That logic is one of the reasons why it actually seems possible for Ash to do contests even though he lost and Nozomi told him not to.
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