Pokémon 2020 Halloween Collection Wave One Has Arrived!

With Fall fast approaching, the first wave of the Pokémon 2020 Halloween collection is now available in the US. The Pokémon Company International has made various comfy tees and sweatshirts available for purchase, with more being added later in the season.

Some of the Halloween-specific clothing is themed around Dark, Ghost, and Psychic type Pokémon. Fans of Umbreon, Espeon, and Gengar will be especially happy. However, the collection is not limited to those Pokémon as some non-spooky characters like Wooloo, Eevee, and overall favorite Pikachu are also featured.

More seasonal items will be added to the collection in later waves, including Halloween-themed plushies, Haunted Pokémon Village figures, keychains, etc.

The first wave of the 2020 Halloween collection is available on Poké

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Light and Dark Espeon/Umbreon T-ShirtEyes of Gengar T-ShirtEyes of Gengar Zip-up HoodieHattrem Plush HatHaunted Pokémon Village Mimikyu Costume Shop FigureGrookey Pumpkin Plush
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