Pokémon Masters EX Hashtag Ought to be Capitalized


Pokémon Masters, the latest mobile game, has received some tune-ups lately. With the addition of Eggs, new Sync Pairs, and new Story Events, it was only fitting that the game's name was adjusted to reflect the additions: Pokémon Masters EX.

Naturally, in this age of social media, the official Pokémon Masters EX Twitter created a hashtag in their August 25th post announcing the change. This was posted in conjunction with a poll asking followers to vote for which Sync Pair should be boosted to a Rank Six.

At this point it should be noted that, while the official account started the hashtag, they did so with proper capitalization. Some fans, however, did not. And quickly took notice.

Due to Twitter grouping all capitalizations of the hashtag together, the official posts are paired with some, shall we say, cheeky Tweets:

#pokemonmastersex quickly became one of the top Trends on Twitter, reaching more than 60,000 Tweets. As evidenced above, not all of those Tweets adhere to the family-friendly audience that Pokémon is often associated with.

Fortunately, Pokémon is not the first company -- nor the last -- to fall into the pit trap TV Tropes calls "The Problem with Pen Island". The problem dictates occasions in which names and titles are stored with neither case sensitivity nor spaces, resulting in misread words.

That said, with all the attention being generated, one has to wonder if this frenzy was intentional...

Lightning Energy Written by Lightning Energy