#12DaysOfBulba Trade Starts December 13


As part of our holiday celebrations, our @BulbaTrade team will once more be running a #12DaysofBulba Trade giveaway.

The giveaway period this year is running from December 13th to December 24th, following the schedule from the list to the right. A preview of the nicknames our team are using for these Pokémon can be found below.

To have a chance at getting one of these Pokémon, deposit a Corvisquire named "12DaysBulba" on the GTS to the team can locate you and trade them over. If you're having trouble getting trades from the team, don't hesitate to let them know via the @BulbaTrade Twitter account or through our Discord server, and they should be able to hook you up with something.

Archaic Written by Archaic