New Gengar cushion showcases devastating Lick and Dream Eater attacks

From Premium Bandai, the makers of the Snorlax plushie that was large enough to sleep on, comes the newest piece of strange Pokémon merchandise from Japan. The Zettai Nameraretai Gengaa ( 絶対に舐められたいゲンガー ) or "Gengar that you absolutely want to be licked by" cushion.

This cushion looks more like it'd give you nightmares than give you rest. Measuring 170cm, or roughly 5 feet 5 inches long, Gengar's cushioned pink tongue forms a full length futon for you to sleep on while you rest your head inside of Gengar's plush mouth. The tongue can also be used as a pillow or blanket on its own. When not in use, the tongue rolls back to be stored inside Gengar's mouth.

The cushion is retailing on Premium Bandai's website for ¥JP 25,950, or roughly $USD 250, plus shipping. As of writing the first batch (expected to ship in June) has already sold out, however there are hopes Premium Bandai will restock the item in future given the obvious high demand for this unique item.

Archaic Written by Archaic