Bonus event announced for Pokémon GO Kanto ticket-holders

Pokémon GO recently suffered from a technical glitch resulting in some Trainers gaining to access ticket-gated content for free during the Kanto event. While this was obviously great for those who were able to take advantage of it, this understandably devalued the tickets others bought and paid for.

To make up for this, Pokémon GO is adding a bonus event to the Kanto tour for all ticket holders. The one month event will last lasts from 10 a.m. March 5th all the way to 10 a.m. April 5th (local time). As part of this event, Niantic are giving away a free bundle of three Remote Raid Passes, available in the e-shop. The new event-exclusive Timed Research also includes an assortment of items for ticket holding trainers to earn as well:
  • 30 Ultra Balls
  • A Lure Module
  • A Poffin
  • A Super Incubator
  • A Lucky Egg
  • Three Silver Pinap Berries
  • A Star Piece
  • An Elite Fast TM
  • An Elite Charged TM
  • A Charged TM
  • A Fast TM
  • 100 Mew Candy
There's also some good news for those players who did gain accidental access to the Kanto event. Not only will these players not lose anything they've obtained from the event, but they will also be able to continue to enjoy the GO Tour: Kanto Special Research project.
Archaic Written by Archaic