Original Stitch expands Pokémon lineup with new Pokémon Aprons


Continuing to expand their extensive lineup of Pokémon clothing alongside the franchise's 25th anniversary celebrations, Original Stitch has launched a new line of Pokémon aprons.

Two different types of apron are available. A standard halter type apron covering the upper and lower body, and a café style apron covering only the legs.

As with all Original Stitch Pokémon products, customers can customize their clothing from a wide array of patterns. Available for these Aprons are a set of 151 different patterns, each inspired by one of the Pokémon from the first generation of games. Each apron can be customized with up to three designs, with different patterns able to be applied to the outside, inside, and pocket(s) respectively.

The aprons are available to purchase right now on Original Stitch's website, priced starting from $75 USD for the halter type apron, and $55 USD for the café style apron.
Archaic Written by Archaic