Celebrate a Pokémon Garden Wedding with this new line of merchandise from the Pokémon Center in Japan

The new Pokémon Garden Wedding line of merchandise from the Pokémon Center was announced earlier this week on April 28th. This new range of products features wedding-related items, perfect for any fans who want to have a fun-filled Pokémon wedding. Paired with U-TREASURE's Pokémon-themed wedding and engagement rings, a lifelong-remembered event featuring Pokémon is within reach! Pokémon Garden Wedding goods will be sold in Pokémon Center stores starting from May 14th, and offered online on the Pokémon Center website starting from May 12th.

Four different Pikachu plush dolls are being offered as part of this collection. The first pair wears Western wedding outfits, and is priced at 3300 yen (~$25.41 USD) for the groom, and 3850 yen (~$26.95 USD) for the bride. The second pair are adorned in traditional Japanese wedding outfits, costing 3300 yen (~$25.41 USD) individually for both the bride and groom.

Also available as part of this line are a range of items for setting out the wedding reception. This includes couple glasses, which come in a decorative wooden box with the Pokémon Garden Wedding logo, for 4950 yen (~$38.12 USD), as well as a 24-person handmade nameplate kit for 1100 yen (~$8.47 USD), and a 12-person handmade seating-chart kit which can be had for 3740 yen (~$28.80 USD). The most expensive item offered from this collection is a set of two acrylic drop stands for guests to leave well-wishes in, with Pikachu and Poké Ball themed designs, which can be yours for 8800 yen (~$67.77 USD).

Finally, Premium Pokémon Garden Wedding-themed Imabari face towels, from the well-known city in Ehime Prefecture, are available for 3960 yen (~$30.50 USD). These are sold in a set of two, with one blue and one white, and feature the Pokémon Garden Wedding logo.

These products will be available at all Pokémon Center physical stores across Japan, the Japanese Pokémon Center online storefront, and Amazon Japan's Pokémon Center collection.

Pokémon Garden Wedding Pikachu (Groom)Pokémon Garden Wedding Pikachu (Bride)Japanese Wedding Pikachu (Bride)Japanese Wedding Pikachu (Groom)
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Dreary_Rowlet May 1, 2022
Can I just say this one thing?
This stuff is absolutely adorable! Too bad they probably don't sell those here in the Philippines.
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takoyaki May 1, 2022
Can I just say this one thing?
This stuff is absolutely adorable! Too bad they probably don't sell those here in the Philippines.
right!?!? i don't think they'd sell them in America too...but that's what a proxy buying service is for?? i NEED the japanese wedding pikachu~