Pokémon Café ReMix to distribute a total of 32000 Golden acorns and Kirlia Diner outfit to be featured in Pelipper Delivery

Pokémon Café ReMix has announced that the game has reached a total of 12 million downloads on both the Nintendo Switch version and mobile version. To commemorate this milestone, a special 10-day Daily Stamp will be available that lets players receive a total of 32,000 Golden acorns when they log-in to their game from May 18th, at 3:00pm JST, to June 17th, at 2:59pm JST.

The target Pokémon for the Pelipper Delivery has also changed. From now until May 27th, at 2:59pm JST, Kirlia Diner outfit will have an increased chance of being delivered drinks and dishes. Players can take this opportunity to use the Pelipper Delivery feature in order to recruit Kirlia with the Diner outfit as staff.
AllenWarrior Written by AllenWarrior