Final 15 episodes of Pokémon Master Journeys: The Series now available on Netflix in the US

The final 15 episodes of Pokémon Master Journeys: The Series, the 24th season of the long-running Pokémon animated series, are now available on demand on Netflix in the United States. These episodes will continue to follow Ash Ketchum and his Pikachu climbing the ranks in the World Coronation Series, as well as Goh and Chloe, as they embark on their latest adventures in the Pokémon world.

The 15 episodes include:
  • JN076: All Out, All of the Time!
  • JN077: Ultra Exciting from the Shocking Start!
  • JN078: Detective Drizzile!
  • JN079: Night and Day, You are the Ones!
  • JN080: Trial on a Golden Scale!
  • JN081: Mad About Blue!
  • JN082: The Sweet Taste of Battle!
  • JN083: Star Night, Star Flight!
  • JN084: An Adventure of Mega Proportions!
  • JN085: Battle Three With Bea!
  • JN086: A Battle of Mega Versus Max!
  • JN087: Breaking the Ice!
  • JN088: Looking Out for Number Two!
  • JN089: The Gates of Warp!
  • JN090: Showdown at the Gates of Warp!
An official trailer has also been uploaded to the official Pokémon Youtube channel.
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