Latias returns Pokémon Masters EX's Legendary Arena until July 10th

Latias makes a return to the Legendary Arena in Pokémon Masters EX until July 10th, offering players another chance to earn great in-game rewards by completing the event.

Legendary Arena: Latias
A powerful opponent arrives as the Eon Pokémon Latias returns to the Legendary Arena. In the Legendary Arena, trainers must complete a set of challenges using up to 30 sync pairs. New event missions have been added for this re-run of the event, offering trainers an opportunity to gain an additional 1,000 gems by completing specific challenges. The Legendary Arena is open right now, and can be challenged up until July 10th, at 10:59pm (PT). Latias was last available in the Legendary Arena in November 2021, and was also featured in the Legendary Gauntlet across March and April earlier this year.

Latias is joined by Flygon and Alakazam, which are weak to Dragon-type and Dark-type moves respectively. It is weak to Dragon-type moves while on its first HP bar, and weak to Fairy-type moves while on its second and third. Latias's Fluid Fortification passive skill reduces any damage it takes the more its stats are raised, but lowering its stats causes it to take more damage. While on its second HP bar, Latias will also gain or lose evasiveness if it dodged or failed to dodge, respectively, incoming attacks.

As with all Legendary Arenas, players must have passed Chapter 2: Defeat Team Break in the main story on normal mode in order to participate in this event.
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