The Japanese Pokémon Center Online is giving fans another chance to obtain a life-size Lucario plushie - Pre-orders open now for shipment in 2023

For a limited time only, the Japanese Pokémon Center Online has opened orders for a new shipment of their life-sized Lucario plush toy. Fans have until Monday, July 25th to get their orders in, with fulfillment scheduled to start from late February next year.

The realistic-looking Lucario plush doll stands at 3 feet, 11 inches (120cm), and weighs 8.8 pounds (4kg). Because of the plastic parts on the inside of Lucario's tail and arms, not only can this doll be easily posed any way you might want, but it can even stand up without any external support.

The plush is available at a price of 46,200 yen ($339.51 USD), including tax, and is available exclusively through the Japan-only Pokémon Center online storefront. Overseas fans hoping to get their hands on this doll who aren't fortunate enough to have a friend in Japan to help with shipping aren't out of luck though, with third party shopping proxy services that can ship from Japan being widely available online.
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VulpixQueen Jul 11, 2022
Im happy they're re-releasing this! I hope they do again with the big lapras too
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