Theia Sky Ruins map unveiled for Pokémon UNITE, use code「WORLDS2022」to receive a World Championships themed t-shirt for your in-game trainer

A brand new battle arena for Pokémon UNITE was premiered during the opening ceremony of the 2022 Pokémon World Championships, with a trailer for the Theia Sky Ruins. While sporting a similar layout to the existing Remoat Stadium map, this new map features battles with wild Pokémon not previously seen in the game, including a face-off with the Sky High Pokémon, Rayquaza. Also released during the live stream were codes for players to acquire a Worlds-themed T-shirt avatar item in-game, as first announced together with the streaming schedule last week.

As of writing, no official information has yet been revealed about how the new map change gameplay, such as the specific bonuses that will be awarded to teams for defeating Rayquaza and other wild Pokémon.

Digital codes for redemption
Players can redeem a Worlds-themed T-shirt avatar item using the code「WORLDS2022」, which was revealed during the Twitch livestream of the event. This code can only be redeemed until August 30th, at 11:59pm (UTC).

To redeem the code in-game, players must:
  • From the main screen in the app, open the Events menu
  • Select Daily Events.
  • Select Gift Exchange.
  • Enter code「WORLDS2022」and select OK.
  • The item will then be sent to the player's mailbox.
    • If you do not see the item immediately, you can force a refresh of your mailbox by restarting the game.
A further three redemption codes are also currently available for redemption in Pokémon UNITE. These three codes should expire on August 20th, at 11:59pm (UTC).

  • 3-Day Limited License: Glaceon
  • Pikachu Set (7-Day Rental)
  • 7-Day Battle Point Boost Card
  • 7-Day Max-Grade Trial Card
  • 3-Day Limited License: Glaceon
  • Headband (Corphish) (30-Day Rental)
  • 7-Day Battle Point Boost Card
  • 7-Day Max-Grade Trial Card
  • 3-Day Limited License: Glaceon
  • Slowpoke Set (7-Day Rental)
  • 7-Day Battle Point Boost Card
  • 7-Day Max-Grade Trial Card
Cybelyrium Written by Jabby711