McDonald's Singapore expands Pokémon Collaboration menu with launch of new Pikachu Carrier

McDonald's stores in Singapore have partnered with The Pokémon Company International to release several food items with Pokémon packaging during September. The latest addition to this collaboration is a special Pikachu Carrier, which can be purchased at participating stores for SGD$12.90 when purchased together with a Family Meal, a Feast Meal, an Extra Value Meal, or with two Value Meals. A maximum of two Pikachu Carriers can be purchased in any one transaction.

Included in each Pikachu Carrier are a random Pokémon TCG card, a single-player playmat, and a how-to-play guide. The exact cards included in this promotion have not been specified, though promotional materials have clarified that these are not McDonald's original cards as with the McDonald's Collection 2022 cards that are currently being distributed in Happy Meals in several countries around the world.

AllenWarrior Written by AllenWarrior