Pokémon's Japanese TikTok posts video of particularly potty-mouthed Pikachu dancing to profanity-laden children's song parody

In what will presumably get someone fired for exceedingly poor preparation, Pokémon's official Japanese language TikTok account posted, and then swiftly deleted, a short video featuring Pikachu dancing around a Lucario to the tune of a profanity-laden parody of the classic children's song If you're happy and you know it.

While the original post is gone, the internet being the internet meant it was inevitable that this moment would be preserved for posterity, with Josh Withey, the Senior Social Editor at Yahoo UK, quickly leaping on the video before it could be taken down. We've embedded a copy of the video below.

Warning: Decidedly not PG language.

While it seems preposterous that nobody at The Pokémon Company noticed this, we can only guess that the particularly fast-paced version of the song was probably difficult for the presumably Japanese poster to parse properly.
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gupdoo3 Jan 14, 2023
I'd hate to be the person who made that video right now! My stress levels would be through the roof
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