Pokémon Sleep updates to Version 1.0.7, resolving several bugs impacting users on both iOS and Android

Pokémon Sleep Updates
Pokémon Sleep has received an update today to Version 1.0.7. This latest update was focused on bugfixing, and resolves a number of issues that had been impacting the user experience on both Android and iOS devices. The update notice also acknowledges several additional bugs and issues that the developers are looking to resolve in a coming update.

According to the patch notes, the following issues were resolved in Version 1.0.7:
  • Adjustments to display the pop-up that says “Synchronize with your Pokémon GO Plus + to receive sleep data?” while transitioning from the title screen to the home screen even when a new week begins
  • Difficulty giving biscuits to a Pokémon when its friendship point gauge overlapped with another Pokémon during snack time
  • Adjustments to make it possible to open the bag from the “Bag Capacity Reached” pop-up when a player with a full item pocket tries to claim mission rewards
These changes are not necessarily exhaustive, and other changes may have also been made. One additional resolved issue was specifically noted in a post on the official Pokémon Sleep account on X (formerly Twitter), which stated that a bug impacting users in countries with Daylight Saving Time, where bedtimes on the Pokémon GO Plus + were not matching set bedtimes, had been fixed.

The following additional issues are currently being worked on:
  • Players being unable to edit their teams on some devices
  • The app becoming unable to proceed if the player exchanged sleep points for items when their bag’s items pocket was full
  • Help contents from the special Pikachu that appears when players pair a Pokémon GO Plus + sometimes not changing even when its friendship increased
  • Energy gained from cooking not being reflected in sleep reports if a player cooked immediately after moving sites when a new week began, closed the app, and tracked their sleep with their Pokémon GO Plus +
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