GameStop employee charged with manslaughter after shooting a man stealing Pokémon cards near Miami, Florida

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Derrick Guerrero, 33, has been charged with manslaughter after shooting and killing a currently unnamed shoplifter who was in the process of stealing several Pokémon Trading Card Game boxes from the GameStop where Guerrero worked. The incident occurred the night of Tuesday, October 17th at the GameStop located in Pembroke Lakes Mall, in Pembroke Pines, a suburb of Miami, Florida. Guerrero is currently being held at Broward County Jail on a $25,000 bond.

The adult male victim was apparently seen by Guerrero attempting to shoplift five boxes of the recently-released Scarlet & Violet 151 Ultra-Premium Collection, which currently retail for $120 USD. According to the Pembroke Pines Police Department, Guerrero drew a concealed handgun from his waistband and shot the victim in the torso as he fled the store. The victim then ran to an awaiting truck driven by his girlfriend, who, after noticing he was unresponsive, called 911. He was transported to a nearby hospital where he died several hours later.

Pembroke Pines Police Major Al Xiques commented, “It should be noted that this GameStop was robbed on September 11th of this year by two other suspects unrelated to this case, which [Guerrero] was the victim of that robbery. Since that incident, [he] did go out and purchase a firearm for his own personal protection and safety, which was the firearm used in this incident.” Pembroke Pines Police reports indicate that the victim did not threaten Guerrero nor was seen with a weapon of any kind.
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Tsumibito Oct 19, 2023
My God. There is no piece of property worth taking someone's life over. This is just sad.