Voice actor for Professor Oak, James, Meowth reports “overall positive news” regarding cancer diagnosis from earlier this year

James Carter CathcartJames Carter Cathcart is best known as the voice talent for multiple roles in the English-language version of the Pokémon anime, including Professor Oak, James of Team Rocket, and many different Pokémon throughout his long career. He has recently offered an encouraging update for fans on his blog, which he began early this year to document his ongoing battle with throat cancer. Cathcart and his wife, Martha Jacobi, wrote on October 29th that he has been cleared to return home after an intense 14-day in-patient session of IV antibiotics. “Overall, our spirits are tired, but good,” they wrote.

Cathcart was diagnosed in January of this year with an “advanced cancer” in his tongue, throat, and some lymph nodes. Cathcart and Jacobi report on his blog that he has already had breast cancer twice in his life, but that his most recent diagnosis is very treatable. “Jimmy is walking independently (no walker) in the apartment again, and slowly gaining strength & weight,” writes Jacobi in the latest update. Cathcart officially retired from voice acting due to his diagnosis at the conclusion of Season 25 of the Pokémon anime, making him the longest-serving voice actor in the English dub.

Cathcart has lent his voice to many other beloved Pokémon characters, including Gary Oak and Todd Snap in the anime and in Pokémon Snap, as well as to franchises like Sonic, Yu-Gi-Oh!, and One Piece. He and Jacobi sign off by looking towards the future, writing, “We continue one day -- one moment -- at a time... recovery is likely to be uneven and arduous, so keep those good thoughts, prayers, etc coming! We appreciate you all so very much.”

Fans can offer well wishes to Cathcart on his blog.
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