Pokémon Masters EX debuts new Ultimate Battles, with Anabel's Flicking Flames - Steel-type Gear Event also launches today, running until November 27th

Ultimate Battle: Anabel's Flickering Flames
After having been previewed in several past developer letters, Pokémon Masters EX is today finally debuting the first of its Ultimate Battle challenges with the addition of Ultimate Battle: Anabel's Flickering Flames. Also launching today is a new Steel-Type Gear event.

Ultimate Battle: Anabel's Flickering Flames
Ultimate Battle: Anabel's Flickering Flames is the first content to be added to the new Challenge the Strong content area. To access this Ultimate Battle, select the Side Area from the main Explore Menu, and then select Challenge the Strong.

Players successfully completing Ultimate Battle: Anabel's Flickering Flames will receive 300 Diamonds as a First-Time Reward.

Challenge the Strong is a new kind of permanent battle content. These battles follow the standard three-on-three battle format, but have the new Ultimate difficulty level, which as the name suggests is a level of difficulty significantly above the difficulty of high level battles to date. These battles will require players to maximize the potential of their Sync Pairs, to have an excellent understanding of how to build their team for the best advantage, and understand the right time to use their moves in the most effective way. No exclusive rewards are planned for completing these Ultimate difficulty battles however, so it appears these will mostly be for bragging rights and some bonus diamonds.

To unlock Challenge the Strong and Ultimate difficulty battles, players must have completed the Champion Stadium Hard Lv. 1 for any region.

Steel-Type Gear Event
Steel-Type Gear Event

In this co-op battles event, Trainers can obtain a full range of 3★ Steel-Type gear, including the 3★ Steel Bandanna, 3★ Steel Bracelet, and 3★ Steel Pin, by completing co-op battles together with other Trainers. The gear can be received both as event battle rewards, and as exchanges from the Event tab of the Exchange Items menu. Gear upgrade items will also be available to upgrade these new 3★ Gear, with Steel Scissors, Steel Thread and Steel Needles used to upgrade the Bandanna, Bracelet and Pin respectively. These upgrade items can be obtained by exchanging associated 1★-3★ gear. More upgrade items will be received for gear with more ★s, higher levels, or more level caps unlocked.

After this event is over, the new gear will continue to be obtainable from the General tab of the Exchange Items menu, starting from December 4th, at 10:00pm (PST).

Players wanting to participate in this event should note the following:
  • To participate, players must have completed Main Story Interlude 1: Let the Tournament Begin! in single-player. This interlude can be completed after players complete Main Story: Chapter 10 in single-player.
  • The sync pairs that appear as opponents in battle have different capabilities than those which can actually be obtained by players.
  • Players cannot take on this event area with 3 teams comprised of only their own Sync Pairs.
  • The number of plays available for Daily Bonus Battle 1 are reset every day at 10:00pm (PST)
  • When the exchange period for the vouchers obtained in this event ends, leftover vouchers will be converted into coins (10 coins per voucher) and sent to each player's Present Box.
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