Pokémon Center Japan announces new apparel and homegoods inspired by the move Hyper Beam

Hyper Beam collection designs
Beginning November 25th, Pokémon Centers in Japan and the Pokémon Center Online will be stocked with new merch based on the Normal-type move, Hyper Beam. The collection takes on a retro feel, calling back to the move’s introduction in Generation I by utilizing a limited color palette similar to Pokémon Red, Blue, and Yellow’s. The apparel available in the new line includes T-shirts, bags, and hoodies with designs on the front and sleeve. Also included are accessories like keychains, a lanyard, and a baseball cap, as well as homegoods like pillows and hand towels.

Hyper Beam apparel
Several Gen I Pokémon who can use Hyper Beam are the stars of this collection, including Snorlax, Porygon, Aerodactyl, Gyarydos, and Tauros, who is notably the only Pokémon in this list that learns the move via TM rather than by leveling up. Items will be available for pre-order at the Pokémon Center Online beginning November 22nd at 10 a.m. The pillow and blanket sets and the T-shirts will be available for pre-order on Amazon Japan in limited quantities beginning November 25th, to begin shipping December 2nd.

Dragonite Hyper Beam hoodie
Hyper Beam T-shirts
Hyper Beam backpack
Hyper Beam lanyard
Hyper Beam keychain
Hyper Beam pillows and blanket
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