Latest video on the official Japanese Pokémon TCG YouTube channel reveals Vikavolt evolution line cards from the upcoming Cyber Judge expansion

A new video on the Pokémon Trading Card Game's official Japanese YouTube channel has revealed new cards for the Vikavolt evolution line, which will be released in Japan at the end of next week on January 26th as part of the Cyber Judge expansion for the Scarlet & Violet series of the Pokémon Trading Card Game. Cards from Cyber Judge, and its partner set Wild Force, will be released internationally later this year as part of the Scarlet & Violet - Temporal Forces expansion on March 22nd.

Translations of these cards can be found in the table below, and on Bulbapedia.
Card #Card Image(s)Translations
SV5M 010/071
Grubbin - SV5M 010/071
Grubbin HP: 70 :G:

:C: Flock
Search your deck for up to 2 Grubbin and put them onto your Bench. Then, shuffle your deck.

:C::C: Vice Grip 10

Weakness: :R: x2
Resistance: None
Retreat: :C:

Translation Note: The attack むれる has had two different translations on past cards. While the original translation of "Swarm" would be more fitting thematically, all recent cards have used "Flock", even when the Pokémon was a Bug-type like Caterpie, as opposed to a flying-type Pokémon. Ironically, the only uses of the "Swarm" translation were themselves on Flying-type Pokémon.
SV5M 027/071
SV5M 076/071
Charjabug - SV5M 027/071
Charjabug - SV5M 076/071
Charjabug HP: 100 :L:

:L::L: Static Shock 60

Weakness: :F: x2
Resistance: None
Retreat: :C::C:
SV5M 028/071
Vikavolt - SV5M 028/071
Vikavolt HP: 160 :L:

:L: Mach Bolt 50

:L::L: Serial Cannon 120+
This attack does 80 more damage for each of your Benched Charjabug.

Weakness: :F:
Resistance: None
Retreat: :C::C:
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