SOS From Tandemaus? - Pokémon Horizons Episode 38 Review - Saving a Tandemaus's Maushold

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Since last week's episode of Pokémon Horizons was Roy-focused, it makes sense that this week's episode would be Liko-focused. What’s even better is that it’s also a Hatenna-focused episode too! I think this is the first time she's had focus since her debut. And what's even better than a Hatenna-focused episode? The adult accompanying Liko for this episode isn’t Friede, but Mollie! She’s one of my favorites in Horizons, so I’m glad that she gets to have some of thee spotlight again!

It was interesting to have the Tandemaus line be the focus Pokémon of the week. I think their whole concept is one of the biggest mysteries in the Pokémon universe. For those not familiar with the lore, Tandemaus and their evolution Maushold they a group of are multiple Pokémon that are counted as a single unit. They are classified as gender unknown, and the way their Pokédex entries are written it's not clear if this means that the individual mice’s genders are actually unknown, or if the smaller mice that appear when they “evolve” into Maushold are actually their offspring or not. The anime doesn’t resolve these mysteries either. For all we know, the bigger mice could be of the same gender, and the "kids" could be adopted. They could even be the result of asexual reproduction! Regardless, they were so adorable. I love the twist of the Tandemaus actually being Maushold. Does this mean both made their debut here or is it just Maushold? See? They’re a mystery because I’m thinking about who actually made their debut. Regardless, they are so cute! Look at them! Their beady eyes and gigantic ears make them so adorable. I also didn’t expect them to make hissing noises. The fact that they joined the Brave Olivine as a companion Pokémon makes me wonder if the writers are doing this as sort of the opposite version of Pokémon Journeys where Goh caught Pokémon and kept them in Cerise Park. Though, if more Pokémon joined the airship, would the weight be okay? Not to mention the food situation. They're already doing so many odd jobs because they're lacking funds, so this could spiral a bit if the number of companion Pokémon keeps expanding!

Maushold, missing one mouse
Hatenna finally getting the spotlight was well-deserved. She’s a timid Pokémon, but seeing her step up, and even learning a new move, was quite nice to see. I like that she is getting a bit of a plot line with Mollie and her Chansey, as Hatenna was first taken to Mollie for treatment during her debut. It’s cute to have her see Chansey as sort of a role model. Since Liko’s dream is to understand Pokémon’s feelings, having a Pokémon like Hatenna is perfect. Hatenna seems to want to be a healer too, as she learned Heal Pulse out of her desire to help Liko and the Maushold family. She even mustered up courage to ask for Chansey’s egg, and carried it to her Trainer all by herself. It’s so nice to see a more courageous side of Hatenna. I know she won’t be a battler, but it would be nice to see her be a bit more involved with helping Pokémon like this in the future.

Liko’s desire to understand Pokémon’s feeling was also shown here. She’s the one who wanted to help the mouse find its companions, and she also went into the little hole where its house was once and found them injured. While she got the other big mouse out, finding the smaller mice caused them to be trapped in the cave. Because she helped the mice, they decided to help her back by using Dig. I love the whole “respect” chain that people and animals have, and I’m glad that it applies in the Pokémon universe too. I also really like the relationship Liko and Mollie have with each other. I feel like it’s a relationship where the two respect each other in a way, as Mollie lets Liko do her own thing without coddling her too much, and Liko respects and takes in Mollie’s words and advice. The way Mollie was so worried and hugged Liko when she finds her safe was so sweet.

What do you think Maushold are? Family? Found family? Companions? Let me know! Also, I’m excited for next week’s episode as it’s Dot-focused. I can’t wait to see if she gets her second Pokémon!
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Nicolas721 Feb 5, 2024
I think they are enemies who hang out so they can eat each other at the end of their lifetimes.:wynaut:

Nice to see some Mollie focus, it is weird she has not received her own episode yet.
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ecargmura Feb 5, 2024
I think they are enemies who hang out so they can eat each other at the end of their lifetimes.:wynaut:

Nice to see some Mollie focus, it is weird she has not received her own episode yet.

That's a rather dark but interesting take.

Would you consider Episode 11 a Mollie-focused episode or not?