Reverse badge order run of Pokémon Red/Blue to feature in the Games Done Slow 2024 charity marathon in benefit of Diskussionsforum Depression

Games Done Slow 2024 - Logo
The Games Done Slow 2024 event, hosted by SlowRunsLive, is being held this year from February 9th to February 11th. A run of Pokémon Red/Blue will be taking place at this event, in which the runner will complete the game while obtaining all badges from eighth to first, in reverse order to how they're shown on the trainer card screen. This event is be raising money for Diskussionsforum Depression e.V., a German nonprofit discussion forum where youths and adults suffering from depression can talk with each other and network with each other to find resources and aid. Games Done Slow 2024 can be watched from the event's official Twitch channel.

SlowRunsLive is a German community of speedrunners who have been raising money for various charities since 2020. Their events feature "gaming done fast at a relaxing pace".

The details and expected times for the Pokémon run in this event is as follows. Please note that these times were correct at time of writing, but may be subject to change based on alterations in the marathon. Check the full schedule to check the approximate start time for each run in your local timezone, as well as for any schedule changes and updates.

Pokémon Red/Blue
Saturday February 10th - 19:05 (CET)
Category: Reverse Badge Order
Expected length: 0:40:00
Runner: G3neziz

To donate to GDS24, please refer to the link below.
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