Fukui Prefecture's first six Poké Lids unveiled, featuring ambassadorial Pokémon Dragonite

Even more Poké Lids are coming, this time to Fukui Prefecture, where Dragonite is the Prefectural Ambassador. The six Poké Lids feature Dragonite, along with Archen and Tyrantrum (Katsuyama), Togetic and Zigzagoon (Awara), Honedge and Toxel (Echizen), Kubfu (Eiheiji), Tatsugiri (Takahama), and Mareanie and Wiglett (Mihama). These Lids were all illustrated by sowsow, a prominent Pokémon Trading Card Game illustrator who has also contributed illustrations to Pokémon Sleep and the Pokémon x Van Gogh museum exhibit.

Kuzuryū River, meaning "nine-headed dragon" river, runs through the region, which is famous for having the highest number of new dinosaur fossil discoveries in the whole country. Dragonite is also, according to its Pokédex entries, a Pokémon with "intelligence on par with people", who "constantly flies over the immense seas and rescues drowning people". This makes the Dragon Pokémon the perfect ambassador for the region.
Welkamo Written by Welkamo