Join Bulbagarden and other livestreamers between April 7th to April 14th for the Catch a Million 2024 event, in benefit of childhood cancer research

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The 2024 edition of the Catch a Million charity marathon starts next Sunday April 7th, running through to Sunday April 14th. This annual event has raised over $60000 since its inception for St. Baldrick's Foundation, an organization that supports research into childhood cancer. St. Baldrick's Foundation is the largest non-government funder of childhood cancer research grants in the United States. The 2024 event is once again sponsored by Sport Clips.

As the name implies, Catch a Million challenges streamers to collectively capture one million Pokémon in a week. Captures on any generation of Pokémon game count, including relevant side-games. Any and all streamers are welcome to participate in this event, no matter their channel size, level of viewership, or preferred streaming platform. Among the communities participating in the event will be the fan-run Pokémon: Scarlet & Violet Discord, as well as Bulbagarden's own streaming team. Bulbagarden will be streaming 24/7 throughout Catch a Million 2024, with a rotating crew of Bulbagarden staff baton passing to each other to keep the catches and donations going at all hours of the day and night.

cam24_1080x1080_scan-and-sign-up.jpgTo take part in the challenge, participants will have to register on the website, create a linked fundraiser in Tiltify, and join the Official Discord server for the event. Creators will be given access to a special app to track every Pokémon they capture while streaming live during the fundraiser, with captures across all generations of Pokémon games, including appropriate side-games, counting toward the million-Pokémon goal. Live updates of captures will be provided on

Donations to the event can be made through the main event Tiltify, or the Tiltify links set up by each of the participating streamers. As of writing, a total of 18 different streamers and communities, including Bulbagarden, have already launched their Tiltify campaigns for the event. You can find Bulbagarden's own Tiltify campaign for the event here.
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