One Day Only Special Event, Electricity Disruptors, launches in Pokémon Masters EX - Gloria & Zacian feature in April's Monthly Poké Fair Scout

Volkner in the Electricity Disruptors event
The Electricity Disruptors event is landing today in Pokémon Masters EX, just in time for April Fools Day. This special event will be available for just one day only, so you'll have to be quick to claim your rewards! Also dropping in-game today is the latest Monthly Poké Fair Scout, once again featuring Gloria & Zacian.

One Day Only! Special Event: Electricity Disruptors
In this one day only Special Event, the lights are off in the Pokémon Center as an unusual number of Ghost Pokémon cause a series of power outages. Without any immediately obvious missions or progression though, players will need to use their wits to figure out how to progress this spooky story.

This event will be available only until April 1st, at 10:59pm (PDT).

Gloria & Zacian
Monthly Poké Fair Scout Vol. 20

The Fair-Exclusive 5★ Gloria & Zacian are the featured Sync Pair for the latest Monthly Poké Fair Scout in Pokémon Masters EX, which will remain available until April 30th, at 10:59pm (PDT). Players who manage to scout the pair will be able to invite Gloria as a Guest to the Trainer's Lodge. Gloria & Zacian last appeared in the Monthly Poké Fair Scout Vol. 13 back in September 2023.

Gloria & Zacian received new fair-exclusive tiles in their sync grid as part of Monthly Poké Fair Scout Vol. 7 in March 2023. No such upgrades to Gloria & Zacian, or any other updates such as an EX Role, have been announced in conjunction with this latest Monthly Poké Fair Scout.

The first five times players perform a Sync Pair Scout x11 for the Monthly Poké Fair Scout Vol. 20 they will receive a bonus present of 3★ Friend Key x15. These keys allow players to increase the Friendship Level Cap for a single Guest in the Trainer Lodge by 10. This Monthly Poké Fair Scout also includes a daily discount, where players can perform a single scout for x100 paid gems. This daily discount can be used 1 time per day during the entire length of the scout.

Professor Bellis and a Mysterious Stone
New content for the Mysterious Stones Chapter

The brand new story area Long-Held Amitions on the Move for the Mysterious Stones Chapter is now available in-game. To access this area, players will need to have acquired a minimum of 500 Mysterious Stones. These can be obtained as completion rewards from Daily Region Rotation battles, as well as rarely from Trainer Lodge expeditions, and from some area info in the Training Areas.

Mysterious Stones that are exchanged in Monthly Exchanges will still count for unlocking this and other areas for the Mysterious Stones Chapter, as these unlocks are based on stones acquired rather than stones on hand.
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