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A blog on my Pokémon headcanons and general lissiverse! (Reqs open!!)

Hi! I’m awake again so I guess I’ll start this now. You can call me Lissi or nihilego i guess, as they’re both names I use on the internet. I’ll be posting the stuff I said in the name here, but I’d rather have some suggestions on what I should talk about.
Please ask me to talk about:
Bdsp soul link nuzlocke
A character from my pokeverse (the people I have the most on are the main characters, rivals, plus yancy, Curtis, and Lisia) (also not galar or Paldea cause I don’t have anything for those)
General headcanons for a specific character

Please don’t be offended if I can’t think of anything for your character, I just don’t don’t have anything right now. Thanks for reading!

Yancy and Curtis things
Yancy and Curtis, yes! I stole the idea of a school kinda thing from the b2w2 manga, and these two are part of one of the most chaotic friend groups ever. Rosa, Nate, Hugh, Yancy, and Curtis. I decided to take yancy in a more “I like to think I’m the normallest one here“ with her friends, and tries to stop them from doing their crazy ideas, like
saving Hilbert from the light stone for “extra credit” from cheren
Curtis is the kind of person to think of ways to do these crazy ideas (that are usually made up by Rosa) sometimes using his idol/celebrity status as an excuse or a way to execute these plans. Yancy is the only one in her class that’s actually concerned for Cherens overall mental health (see spoiler) as everyone keeps making jokes about it and making it the only topic theyre interested in most of the time. I don’t have much for them yet, but I hope this is nice!
For legal reasons (/j) I have to ask... what is Lisia and Wallace's family bond like? (specific prompts: how old Wallace was when Lisia was born, how close is he to her/her parent(s) when she's growing up, where the heck is Juan does he know Lisia the games never told me and they missed OUT, Contest stuff, etc.)
Lisia and her family!
yes ok so lisias only legal parent is her mom, as her dad left because he didn’t want to be involved in this whole contest thing. everyone is always really busy though, so Lisia was pretty much raised by her mom, Wallace, Steven, and Juan. She likes to think of steven and Juan as pretty much extended family even though there isn’t any blood relation. Wallace and Lisia are pretty close, as Wallace was the one who introduced her to the world of contests! She also probably spent the most time with Wallace growing up.

as for how old Wallace was when lisia was born, I don’t know where I got this from, but I like to think lisias mom is Wallace’s sister, with Wallace being the younger sibling. Wallace was about 20-ish maybe with his sister being about 25-30 ish (haven’t completely worked that out yet)

as an overall, lisia didn’t have the closest relationship to her parents and family in general, but after everything happens with team aqua and magma, they make a point to leave some time to get together (and Steven moves in with them cause his dads evil here hehe more in that later) Lisia thinks of Wallace as her cool uncle in a more of a dad situation (Wallace never got married) and as an extension the gym leaders and e4 like to hang around sometimes and babysit her, making lisia probably the most extroverted person on the planet lol

i think thats pretty much it, thanks torchic!
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Cordelia and Jamarcus nuzlocke
A soul link nuzlocke is basically a two player nuzlocke, where two players nuzlocke a game (for example I’m doing bd and my friend is doing sp) and our Pokémon are “linked”. This means that when we both get to the beginning of a route or something, we each catch a Pokémon there, like usual, but you name these Pokémon the same thing and they are a pair now. If one dies, the other does too. If one player accidentally defeats the first Pokémon on the route, the second player can’t catch a Pokémon on that route either. We got inspiration from JaidenAnimations’ hgss soul link nuzlocke.

Hope this helps!
Old Serena ref sheet!
I found a pretty outdated ref sheet I made, it’s a bit old but all the info is pretty accurate

edit: The team is a beginning-ish of journey team, I was still figuring it out then
I found a pretty outdated ref sheet I made, it’s a bit old but all the info is pretty accurate

edit: The team is a beginning-ish of journey team, I was still figuring it out then
Love the reference sheet do u have anymore? Kalos is one of my fave regions and I just like those people in general, specifically Calem. Also curious about team flare, you mentioned Serena’s pretty worried about them so how evil are they…?
Ok yes I tried making calem, then completely lost motivation… I’ll try making him and the others! :) and team flare is… bad. Like. They’re kind of stalking the Kalos kids and making everyone scared of them so they can make the world their perfect world of beauty and perfection and money and that kind of stuff. Yea. I’m not really sure what else to say…? I guess that’s it. Thanks Mudkip!
I want to make an art of one of my pokeverse ships but I’m not sure which one.. does anyone know how to start a poll? Can you start a poll?

if not, I’m feeling like questshipping (I think that’s the name), boutiqueshipping, moonlilyshipping, or just general art for one of my regions. If anyone has any sort of ideas, please let me know cause I really want to draw something but have no inspiration :(
Cordelia and Jamarcus nuzlocke teams
Also current team for the soul link nuzlocke are:

pasta (prinplup, starter)
CYRUS (chingling)
mushroom II (kricketot)
àccent (crougunk)
RaPuNzEl (zubat)

mudkipz can post her side of the team
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