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A blog on my Pokémon headcanons and general lissiverse! (Reqs open!!)

8. What's something the fandom does when it comes to this character that you despise?
Hm…. I feel like a lot of girls/women in anime get some… weird fanart…. But other than that I honestly don’t see the fandom do much with her that I see! So maybe…. Under appreciate her? :) That and the first thing
15, Courtney! this will be last courtney question, i promise-
15. What's your favorite ship for this character? (Doesn't matter if it's canon or not.)

hm… haven’t thought about this much but. Pokespe Courtney and blues sister..? (i cant remember her name) to be honest, I haven’t put much thought into Courtney ships sorry
I just remembered this exists hehe…. Um I found a bunch of character asks on Tumblr and I really wanna answer some! I’ll do my pokeverse characters or basically any character you know of that belongs to me! (So my hunger games ocs count? I think yea. I’d rather do my pokeverse protags tho) warning there is like a lot. 100 to be exact but id really like to answer some. And don’t be afraid to ask more than one in the same post that will make me happy :)
001. When is their birthday?
002. Do they do anything to celebrate their birthday?
003. Does your character like coffee better, or tea?
004. Do they prefer being alone or with others?
005. Are they in good health?
006. What sense do they most rely on?
007. Is your character an optimist or a pessimist?
008. What is their favorite fairy tale?
009. Do they believe in happy endings?
010. Do they believe in love at first sight?
011. How would your character court the person of their dreams?
012. What makes your character embarrassed?
013. Have they ever been bullied or teased?
014. Detail one secret shame your character feels.
015. Are they most likely to fight with their fists or their tongue?
016. What is their choice of weapon?
017. When does your character think that violence is justified or deserved?
018. Your character wakes up to find that war has been declared. What do they do?
019. If they could have a superpower, what would they choose?
020. What are their hobbies?
021. How do they display affection?
022. What is the most beautiful thing they’ve ever seen?
023. What do they consider beautiful in others physically?
024. What do they consider ugly in others physically?
025. What do they consider beautiful in others personality-wise?
026. What do they consider ugly in others personality-wise?
027. What is their idea of perfect happiness?
028. What makes them laugh out loud?
029. What sort of sense of humor does your character have?
030. Do they believe in the afterlife?
031. Are they superstitious about anything?
032. Does your character believe in ghosts?
033. Do they keep their promises?
034. What’s their view of lying?
035. What is the most important rule your character lives by?
036. How honorable is your character?
037. If your character saw someone drop a large sum of money and knew that they could probably take it without anyone noticing, what would they do?
038. What bad habits do they have?
039. What do they think is the worst thing that can be done to a person?
040. What is their obsession?
041. Are they comfortable with technology?
042. What is their greatest achievement?
043. What will they stand up for?
044. What disgusts them?
045. Does your character have any chronic medical conditions?
046. How do they handle getting sick?
047. What was the last medical problem your character had?
048. Do they have any allergies?
049. How does your character feel about growing old?
050. How does your character feel about their own mortality?
051. If they knew they would die tomorrow, what would they do today?
052. What is your character’s worst flaw?
053. What is your character’s greatest strength?
054. Does your character want power or authority of any kind?
055. Is your character an introvert or an extrovert?
056. Has your character ever struck someone in anger?
057. Has your character ever killed anyone?
058. What is your character’s idea of a perfect day?
059. List several phrases your character is fond of uttering. Where did they pick them up?
060. What is your character’s attitude toward education and learning?
061. Does your character prefer adventure or safety and security?
062. What sort of legacy does your character wish to leave behind?
063. How well does your character handle difficult people?
064. In what ways does your character annoy others?
065. Is your character better at leading or following? Which do they prefer?
066. Does your character prefer city life or being out in nature?
067. Does your character believe in fate or destiny?
068. How strong is your character’s sense of responsibility? What kinds of things trigger it?
069. What about your character is heroic?
070. What about your character is cowardly?
071. How kind is your character?
072. In a Dungeons & Dragons game, which class would your character be? (wizard, fighter, bard, priest, ranger, etc.)
073. In a novel, what plot role would your character fill? (hero, anti-hero, sidekick, villain, etc.)
074. What is your character’s favorite game?
075. Is your character ticklish?
076. How do they express anger?
077. How often do they cry? Over what?
078. How emotionally stable is your character?
079. How easy is it for them to read the emotions of others?
080. How easy is it for others to read your character’s emotions?
081. Is your character religious?
082. What are your character’s sleeping preferences?
083. What is the first thing they say and/or do when they wake up?
084. Describe your character in one word.
085. Describe your character in three words.
086. How would your character describe themself in one word?
087. How would your character describe themself in three words?
088. Is your character quiet or loud?
089. How vocally expressive is your character?
090. How bodily expressive is your character?
091. What type of music does your character like?
092. What emotion does your character evoke in others?
093. What is your character’s goal in life?
094. Name three things most would not expect your character to be able to know.
095. Name three things most would not expect your character to be able to do.
096. How do they move and carry themselves? What energy do they project?
097. How well do they adapt to change?
098. Does your character like animals?
099. Do they talk to inanimate objects?
100. Does your character dream? If so, what do they dream about?
019. If they could have a superpower, what would they choose?
Ooh, these are interesting questions...might steal them for OC development

Let's see...019 for Elio/Sun?
food infinite food that’s a power right

um for a more proper answer he’d probably like something like shape shifting? That’s cool and stuff and also story reasons. maybe the ability to be in two places at once? It’s weird but he’d like that
could i get 14, 26, 39, and/or 51 for silver
sorry that this is kinda a lot i'm just very interested in hearing people's takes on him :bulbaWave:
Yeaaa I have so many quotes but let’s do this lol
014. Detail one secret shame your character feels.
Hmm probably having been with team rocket because his friends dont know yet… and team rocket is bad and even though he left he still feels bad because some of those things affected his friends..
026. What do they consider ugly in others personality-wise?
when people think they’re better than someone because of some little thing (and whatever the heck the team rocket executives personalities are in Pokespe…. I hate them so much)
039. What do they think is the worst thing that can be done to a person?
probably be turned into something they’re not
051. If they knew they would die tomorrow, what would they do today?
spend time with his Pokémon, his friends, and his father. By himself too. And eat rage candy bars

honestly I need to develop silver more lol (and sorry it took so long I found a guy in my YouTube feed who does archery So I scrolled through his shorts until he mentioned katniss)
Remembered this exists so I’m gonna drop an animatic idea here

so it’s look What you made me do by Taylor swift and after watching This (tw flashing lights) I had an idea

so that song in kinda the style of that one that I linked but it’s malva and diantha in my verse

the parts I have thought out:

I don’t like your perfect crime (this is the beginning of the second verse and it flips to dianthas pov, shows diantha being annoyed at Malvas team flare-ing)
how you laugh when you lie (just malva laughing)
you said the gun was mine (tbh idk)
isn’t cool (like a split screen thing And they stare at each other)
No I don’t like you (they both take a step with their pokeballs in their hands)
oh (some cool transition at this part)

but I got smarter I got harder in the nick of time (she starts as a Pokémon journey age kid, then at “smarter” it changes to teenage malva, then at harder it goes adult malva a bit before lissiverse Kalos happens (Lysandre is standing behind her too) and it does something cool during “in the nick of” and at “time” shes usual malva
Honey I rose up from the dead I do it all the time (doing team flare things with yveltal. yea)
I’ve got a list of name and yours is in red underlined (so it’s lysandres list of “targets“ and malva comes in and adds diantha At the end in swirly red ink with hearts and exclamation marks and underlines it twice)
I check it once (lysandre looks at the list and then at malva)
and I check it twice (Malva smiles and pulls out her Pokeball….)
oh! (for a cool transition!!!)

(I think the chorus is some thing of them Pokémon battling along with bits of them helping team flare and Serena and her friends, respectively)

i dont like your kingdom keys (I had a thought and THEY BOTH DID SHOWCASES!! WHERE THE PRIZES ARE PRINCESS KEYS!! THIS IS PERFECT for the scene it’s probably them onstage and dianthas getting one…)
they once belonged to me (and malva is annoyed cause she thinks She shouldve won)
(Idk for these next few lines but I do have an idea for th next verse)

The world moves on another day another drama drama (during this is flashes to each Of my verses regions before kalos and their disasters and stuff)
but not for me not for me all I care about is karma (malva in her room plotting, maybe a cool thing like. Finger snap on each “me” and ends in the finger gun thing at “karma”
And then the world moves on but one things for sure (maybe some more regions at the “world moves on” part cause they can’t All fit in the “the world moves on” line and At the “one things for sure” it pans to malva smiling with her Pokémon behind her
maybe I got mine but you’ll all get yours ( I have an idea but I can’t put it into words)

um so that’s all I’m thinking so far… that probably sounds weird in writing but
Um so I have a bunch of songs for lissiverse characters…..

“I look in peoples windows” is a Lyra Vega (someone helped me with last names for the johto quartet) song…. Mostly the chorus……


No clue where Taylor got the idea of this song and frankly I don’t wanna know but. It makes me think of Lyra? I should be sleeping so I’m not gonna go into an explanation right now but I will later

Also Dawn is the most 1989 girl ever…..New Romantics is literally her and in my verse she canonically starts singing and dancing to how you get the girl to Lucas (he asked Dawn how tell a girl he likes something and Dawn literally does not realize he’s talking about her for. A while)

I can do it with a broken heart kinda reminds me of my verses Lisia……thinking of a scene actually……..

Some lines from you’re losing me remind me of kris and Ethan…..not the song as a whole just some of the lines….. “frontlines don’t you ignore me, I’m the best thing at this party” Ethan……”choose something babe risk something” kris (used that lyric in an art of them actually)…….

Ethan is “I wouldn’t marry me either, a pathological people pleaser” from youre losing me and kris is “bet I could still melt your world, argumentative antithetical dream girl” from hits different. I think. It makes sense in my head

It all makes sense in my head but it’s also like close to midnight so…..

I still need ti think of more Ttpd songs with Lissiverse characters………I need to listen to songs like Cassandra and Peter and the prophecy more and think
been thinking for a while about the Johto kimono girls and maybe giving them a different role in lissiverse……

I’ve never played the Johto games but according to bulbapedia they just summon the box legendary and have side quests (or something like that, I skimmed the article)

Anyways since lissiverse Johto has a plot point about the rainbow feathers and silver wing and summoning them their role would be unneeded BUT

I was listening to the song the prophecy by Taylor swift and was thinking

Maybe they give some sort of “prophecy” from arceus…..fixes the plot hole about Kris and Lyra knowing only one of them can exist in the end too………

Gonna use this prophecy to make Ethan and silver even more sad too

Anyways gonna ramble about the prophecy (the song) and Johto now


“Lightning in a bottle” is the rainbow feather and Ethan is “i” in this context

Something something it took him way too long to get a hold of those feathers and at that point he thought he wasn’t “worthy” of ho oh (something that comes up for him again later)


Cursed being lyra and Kris’s while situation I think? “Was it punishment” maybe something about how I think Lyra would originally use her whole “not entirely an actual human being and she’s kinda invisible to most people too” thing for more (probably) illegal things (not the worst stuff, worst probably would be a ton of trespassing)


Ethan. No comment.


Kris when she’s trapped in suicunes Crystal world
I think she would’ve been told by suicune she’d be able to leave at some point but she had no idea when


Ethan. Also Taylor what’s greige


Could be silver? Something bout being paid by someone to do team rocket things


Whole chorus btw

No specific person or anything it just fits with everything else

They’d want to redo the prophecy cause it’s not on any of their favours
(Greige is a warm light gray color. Possibly more relevant to the lyrics, it's a neutral color, in terms of stuff like painting a room, so it would get picked when you want something that's kind of just there and doesn't draw attention.)
Oohhh. Yeah that makes sense

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