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A blog on my Pokémon headcanons and general lissiverse! (Reqs open!!)

I’m listening to reputation instead of sleeping and I’m thinking of these people……….the lissiverse characters that live in my head rent free (wait isn’t that a Taylor lyric) (“free rent living in my mind” from I forgot that you existed yeah)
Also. I’ve been thinking about flowers as a sort of theme/motif in Kalos Lissiverse after writing my contest one shot……after an art I did I was thinking of a scene where after team flare mind controls Serena and everything and shes “beautiful” to them malva hands her a rose. As liek. A symbol for something I’m not exactly sure if rn cause it’s 12:30 am

Also Hilda I need to draw an actual piece with you once I learn to draw pianos……….
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