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A possible idea for an art trade program

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Mar 9, 2003
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I see everyone take requests from others all over the art section, and I love how generous all you artists are to dedicate your time to do so.

Because of this, I'm thinking of starting an art exchange program in the Art Alcove. For example, users will sign up and get paired with others by random to trade art requests with each other. So far I'm planning to have these events monthly or for every other month, or just holidays.

Anyways what do all of you think about this? This is still just an idea and I would love to hear if others are interested and give input on how we should run it.

So for now input would be appreciated to see if enough people are interested. Also I would like to know if any other staff members of this section approve of this idea.
It seems like a great idea! Not only would it work as a way to bring together the artist of BMGF as friends, but it will also be a great way to show that BMGF is just as much an art fest as any other site*! I can imagine something like this:

1. Users sign up for art trade
2. Number generator to decide which two will trade art
3. Both artists will give a small list of likes and dislikes to each other, just to make sure they don't dissapoint one another.
4. After (insert amount of time here), the artists will be required to show eachother the art. Exceptions will be made if one artist says they might "hand it in late, not have enough time, or can't do the art because of problems".
5. Art will be shown on main page (if this might be a new section). Otherwise, the artists can choose if they want it posted up or PMed.

Would that work out smoothly?

*Except deviantArt. We will never have as much art here as they do there. lol
Those are all amazing ideas! That was pretty much what I had in mind for this program. Let's see what others say.
This is a Pokemon form, if you are going to have art Trading there should be Art Battling! (I'm only joking, but that's kind-of a neat idea to have two artist put up pictures on the same subject and have users vote which they prefer)

Edit, well I don't mean a contest. Unless contest involve someone or a randomizer selecting the participants and the art subject(s) and then anyone that passes by the page with the two arts as one of the judges to vote, voting for picture A or picture B as their favorite. Then after so many votes after, so much time, a winner is chosen. (I mean something like a funny or die, or those old hot or not sites, but with two pictures and two participants, no prizes, maybe merit points, that type of thing... like a battle!) Of course if that is like a contest, then well... (lol)
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@bell02+ that is called a contest
and speaking of which, what happened to all the contests?
This is a Pokemon form, if you are going to have art Trading there should be Art Battling! (I'm only joking, but that's kind-of a neat idea to have two artist put up pictures on the same subject and have users vote which they prefer)

Art battling would be unfair- we want artists to work together, not compete. It could also get out of hand easily.

I'm going to sit down and see what I can do with ideas.
If this does get implemented... I think it'd work better somewhat as a secret santa type thing than just a general pairing up two artists with one another. I mean... if we're going to do this type of pairing anyways instead of just allowing the artists to pick and choose who they want to art trade with.
That's exactly how I was invisioning it. Perhaps a monthy thing where two members sign up and randomly paired by the mods.
Sounds quite an awesome deal.
Depends. It's certainly something that I, Keldora and Blazaking will have to discuss before implementing.
Is this still in the works because I think it's an awesome idea
Awesome, can't wait to see it in the future. =v= I'm definitely interested in seeing this project kick off.

... Oh, was this thread supposed to be locked? Whelp, there's my mod abuse for the day. BU
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