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Mafia ABC Mafia by RavenRaziel98 (BASTARD) - Town Wins!

Day 1 - The last thing Pikochu saw (...was a chainsaw)
Day 1 Final Vote Count:
ZinnLav (1): Mint Elv
Zexy (1): DigitalGen6
Pikochu (6): TheCapsFan, JamieIsBored, Zexy, ExLight, Tood, DawningWinds
ExLight (2): Minish

Not voting: Pikochu, Argonne, ZinnLav

„The players have spoken!“ yells Raven.
TheCapsFan, JamieIsBored, Zexy, ExLight, Tood and DawningWinds jump onto Pikochu, grab him and tie him to the next nearby tree.
The sound of a motor was heard.

Raven steps forwards, holding a chainsaw in his hands.
The crowd is cheering in ecstasy.
Vrooooovroooooommm-chugga-chugga-chugga-chugga Vrooovrooovroovroooooomvrooooooomvroooooooooooooooooom....
Pikochu's head fells to the ground.
His cut off head looks at the others with a surprised expression on its face.
Then he says: „That was wild! I didn't feel a thing!“

His remains disappear and re-appear 3 times in a flickering way, than they vanish for good.

EternalPokéFanGirl's voice can be heard saying: „Pikochu has left the game!"

Pikochu was Squidward Tentacles, Mafia, Ninja + 2x Strongman!

Living players:
1. DawningWinds
2. Zexy
3. Minish
4. ExLight
6. Mint Elv
7. ZinnLav
8. TheCapsFan
9. JamieIsBored
10. Tood
11. DigitalGen6
12. Argonne

Dead players:
5. Pikochu

It is Night 1!

Night 1 ends on August 1st 2023, 10pm GMT+2

You can now submit your Night Actions if you have any!
I'll play my next card!

I'll have to recheck a bit the votals but I had caps and zexy scumleaning a bit but they're both better now but one of them was still iffy

todd is p much mega townpants rn

dont care much about mido vs min rn
Wow, not only did we get scum, we also got THE best one if we want to have hope Jamie survives.

For ninja and strongman to exist, both doctor/bodyguard (absolutely doubt jailer) and at least one tracker/watcher exist. Ideally we want protection on Jamie, tracker can really pick Jamie, Dawning or I, watcher idk one of the millers?

I hope we can prove lack of scum roleblocker tonight if Jamie survives and has a result. As for my role, I would never use it on Dawning or Jamie, I am considering using it on one of the millers, as that would be the lowest risk option.

If anyone has a plan, tell me so I can use it on a specific miller.
considering we have watcher as I saw being softed then I think it's probably fine if doctor doesn't even target jamie and instead tries to protect the watcher by finding their soft in thread

I can also think of a way to verify whether or not jamie is telling the truth about his role but not sure if it's worth wasting a night testing that
There isn’t a role that can attack players who visit certain players is there?
Unfortunately there is, and it is usually called Granny (kills all their visitors). Although some Bomb/Explosive variants exist too, the usual Bomb takes down their killer if killed (mafia, vig, serial killer... Idk about arsonist)
@Mint Elv @Minish if you are hiding some detail please just say so (no need to be too specific, just make sure to say if you are not JUST a plan miller). Last chance, else I will not be responsible for any lolf*ckery with your night action interactions.

As is, I kinda wanna target Minish more because of potentially hiding the double vote. Then again Mido gives more arsonist vibes...
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