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Mafia ABC Mafia by RavenRaziel98 (BASTARD) - Town Wins!

We've got 11 out of 12 players confirmed, the only one remaining is @JamieIsBored.
I've tried to reach out to him via Discord and will now do the following:
I'll start the game in...
checks time
...exactly 7 hours!

If Jamie doesn't confirm until Day 1 mid-phase, I will start to look for a sub.

Countdown to Game Start
Is there still a 13th slot or did the setup change to be 12p?
Day 1 Start - It's time to play the game!
DawningWinds, Zexy, Minish, ExLight, Pikochu, Mint Elv, ZinnLav, TheCapsFan, JamieIsBored, Tood, DigitalGen6 and Argonne wake up on a hard floor made of stones. The room in which they are in is big and also made of stone. It's pretty dark, only a couple of torches that are placed on the walls are lightening up the area.
Minish asks: „Where are we?“
„No idea, but it seems like we are in some kinda castle" say Argonne.
The group stands up, some of them are still a little dizzy.
Mint Elv, who seems to feel less sleepy than the others, announces that her eyes are getting used to the mediocre lighting conditions.
„The more important questions should be:
How did we get here? And why are we even here in the first place? The last thing I remember is that we met up at the conference room of The War Room to plan the Bulbagarden TWR Tournament, then JamieIsBored noticed a weird smell, then... Nothing, this is where it stops...“ recalls TheCapsFan while scratching his head.
Now the others also start to get used to the dim light and begin to recognize their surroundings - except for one of them.
„I think I lost my glasses.“ says DawningWinds, „Someone please look for the light switch.“
Pikochu yells: „Guys, I found the exit, let's leave this place!“
He points at a huge wooden double door behind them, runs straight at it - and gets knocked back to the floor.
„Figures. Would've been to easy.“ numbles DigitalGen6.
Tood, ExLight and ZinnLav slowly go further into the room while the others follow them at a small distance.
The muffled roaring of a thunderstorm that's raging outside can be heard.
As the group arrives at the center of the room, they notice two things:
The first thing they notice is on the end of the room, which is now visible from where they are at. It is another wooden double door with a small three-step stair leading towards it from all directions, looking like a plateau which is placed on a bigger plateau which is placed on an even bigger plateau.
The second thing is what seems to be some kind of big table, which is placed in the middle of the room.
The odd table piques ExLight's curiosity.
As he approaches it to investigate it further he recognizes that this is not a table.
It's more of an altar, made of polished black stone. In the center of the altar's surface is a big bowl - no, it's not a bowl! It's a sink! A perfectly shaped half of a sphere, made of the same material as the altar itself, with a drain its center and the rim of the sink being on a higher level than the actual table.
On the left of the sink is a big First Aid Kit, and on the right side is... A black Karambit knife...



Suddenly ExLight begins to feel really uncomfortable.
As the others arrive at the altar he turns around, looking at them with a pale face.
„There is something really messed up going on here and I don't like it at all...“ he says with a weak sounding voice.
As the others realize what he has seen, they are getting visibly nervous.
Suddenly, a voice which seems to come from all directions at the same time can be heard saying „Paaaayyy the tribuuuute!“ with a ghostly echo in it. The entire room begins to tremble as the sound of stone grinding on stone fills the room.
A moment of silence. Now a new sound comes up, it's the humming of an electric motor accompanied by diverse other mechanical noises.
A CRT TV gets lowered from a hole in the ceiling above the altar. As the TV arrives on eyesight height, the screen turns on.
A young woman wearing a pair of those "fake nose and mustache" glasses can be seen.
„Hello everyone. Welcome to Castle Blackbeak. You are here beca-
„Is that you, EternalPokéFanGirl?! It's gotta be you, there's no way that I wouldn't recognize my old scum bud!“ yells ExLight. The others hiss at him to signalize him to be quiet.
...-plain you what you gotta do, so listen carefully. In the First Aid Kit to your right are two spraying bottles of sanitizer, plasters and bandages, although the latter is only provided in case of you messing up because you didn't listen carefully to my instructions. You are now supposed to grab that knife to your right. Sanitize the blade and your hands with the provided sanitizer. Now you gotta choose one of your fingers and gently penetrate the tip of one of your fingers. You won't notice more than a really slight burn, since this blade is seriously sharp. Afterwards squeeze some blood out of the wound and let it drip into the sink in front of you. A single drip is perfectly fine, we really need just a little. Once all of you have done that... well, you'll see what happens then. That's all I gotta tell you. Good Luck! Oh and one more thing: This should be obvious, but you gotta sanitize the blade after every usage!
The sound of the electric motor begins again as the CRT TV ascends towards hole in the ceiling. As the TV disappears in the void of the opening, another earthquake accompanied by the sound of stone grinding on stone shakes the room. This time, the others notice the source of the sound though - it's the ceiling itself! From all directions the stone moves towards the center of the hole, until the ceiling is fully closed again.
„I'll go first!“ ZinnLav said casually. He follows the instructions they received from the mysterious woman precisely, than he turns around and says: „No big deal at all, you barely feel the cut at all!“
Encouraged by that, the others follow ZinnLav's example. As the last one of them, JamieIsBored, finished the process, he looked at the other and asked: „What now?“
Out of the blue all torches go dark.
The room is pitch black.
The call of a raven disrupts the silence.
The torches light up again, but the flames are blue! Then, a big blue flame ignites within the sink of the altar. Everything in the room is now significantly more visible than before.
„Holy cow, what the hell is that?!“ shouts Zexy, while pointing towards the door with the stairs.
There is a weird ominous mass made of black feathers at the bottom of the stairs. With a lot of flapping noises, the black mass literally explodes as a swarm of ravens flies away in all directions, leaving behind...
A humanoid creature l, wearing a black hooded cloak and a black, beak shaped mask.
The creature slowly lifts its hands, one grabs the mask and the other one the cloth of the cloak.
In a rapid movement both items get ripped from the creatures body and reveal...
A man with long blonde hair, wearing baggy army pants, combat boots and a black shirt with the logo of the band Cough on it.
Hey guys, sorry for being that ominous, but we'll... You know how I roll!“ Raven said with a bright smile on his face.
ExLight storms towards Raven and slaps him across the face, calling him a sick bastard.
Well, I kinda deserved that to be honest. Glad to see you though mate!“ says Raven before hugging ExLight.
Follow me guys, I'll explain you what this is all about, but first I need to show you something! Oh and Piko... The doors are supposed to be pulled, not pushed. Not like it would've made a difference, it's locked anyway!
He heads up the stairs and opens the doors. Then he turns around: „Come on guys, hurry up!
The group follows Raven into the next room.
They see what looks like glass coffins with wires running through the glass.
Alright everyone, I've gathered you here for a very specific reason... We're going to play mafia!
„I'm out.“ interrupts Argonne.
For a cash prize.
„In!“ everyone said.
Now for the cool part... You may have noticed those glass things... Remember Avatar? That's kind of how this works, but instead of entering a different body, we enter a virtual reality space. Everything is possible! And nobody gets hurt - well, except for the blood thing, but we needed the blood to create your individual DNA profile for these things to work. And you don't need to worry about stuff like food or other stuff either - the virtual reality works like the hyperbolic time chamber from Dragonball, a year in the virtual world equals a day in the real world!
It's time to play the game!
Oh, almost forgot... Here Dawning, I made sure that your glasses are in a secure place!

And this is where the adventure begins...

Living players:
1. DawningWinds
2. Zexy
3. Minish
4. ExLight
5. Pikochu
6. Mint Elv
7. ZinnLav
8. TheCapsFan
9. JamieIsBored
10. Tood
11. DigitalGen6
12. Argonne

It is Day 1!

The phase ends at 10pm GMT+2 on July the 31st 2023

Hammer rules are deactivated!
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Also, there is a gimmick to this game.
Events are represented by Yu-Gi-Oh Cards!
Some of them will be played open, some will be played face down. However, face down does not necessarily equal inactive, so watch out!

And I'll start by doing this...


and this...
Also, there is a gimmick to this game.
Events are represented by Yu-Gi-Oh Cards!
Some of them will be played open, some will be played face down. However, face down does not necessarily equal inactive, so watch out!

And I'll start by doing this...

View attachment 172771
and this...
View attachment 172771
Rubs hands and cackles
This game is truly designed for me.
Dimly lit room with an altar and a knife, and we're somehow not making human sacrifices?

That's a bit lame, no?
Dimly lit room with an altar and a knife, and we're somehow not making human sacrifices?

That's a bit lame, no?
Hmmm... Maybe we'll find a way to get back to that later!
Cool flavor text.
How much money do we get if we win? Lmao.
The amount of money depends on the winning faction since it is a secret set sum that gets shared among all the winning players equally.
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