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Mafia ABC Mafia by RavenRaziel98 (BASTARD) - Town Wins!

Have you ever seen them in the same room?
Inb4 my role was also rand bypassed as a reference to the fact that I was firefighter in the first game Raven played.
I don't actually think that but it'd be funny.
Yeah I can totes see him doing that

Then he gave me this role because I am known for ruining everyone else’s fun lol
OMG if only Dawning has a firefighter role... BUT THERE IS NO ARSONIST
Great I am no longer paranoid-of-Ex-Zexy, I am now trying-to-understand-bastard-Raven-setups Zexy
Day 2 - Plastic Surgery
Day 2 Final Vote Count:
TheCapsFan (6): Zexy, DawningWinds, JamieIsBored, ExLight, Tood, DigitalGen6

Not Voting: Mint Elv, ZinnLav, TheCapsFan Argonne

The group is hungry for another kill and TheCapsFan is the desired victim.
Zexy, DawningWinds, JamieIsBored, ExLight, Tood and DigitalGen6 surround TheCapsFan, pushing him towards one of the others while increasingly adding kicks and punches.
TheCapsFan lies on the floor, barely able to move, saying: „That didn't hurt at all, I'm just out of breath!“
Raven approach es him, holding a sledge hammer in his hands!
He raises the hammer above his head and yells „The Hammer has spoken“ and slams it down on TheCapsFan's head.


„TheCapsFan has left the game!“ echoes EternalPokéFanGirl's voice...

TheCapsFan was Colonal Sanders, Mafia, Godfather + Rolecop + Electrifier!

Living players:
1. DawningWinds
2. Zexy
4. ExLight
6. Mint Elv
7. ZinnLav
9. JamieIsBored
10. Tood
11. DigitalGen6
12. Argonne

Dead players:
5. Pikochu
3. Minish
8. TheCapsFan

It is Night 2!

Night 2 ends on August the 2nd at 10pm GMT+2!

You can now submit your Night Actions!
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Godfather exists, Miller exists, isn't it too much for another Miller to exist?

I kinda wanna block Mido 2nite, unless Lord Ex orders otherwise
Electrify targets, if electrified players target other electrified players both partys die :ROFLMAO: :ROFLMAO: :ROFLMAO:
... That sounds arson-y enough for no arsonist to actually exist

Extinguishers could also be used for Electrical fires

This is close enough to clear Dawning too imo

We may be looking at only one more scum. And it may be Mido.
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