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Mafia ABC Mafia by RavenRaziel98 (BASTARD) - Town Wins!

I'd rather not hammer if not everyone has caught up to the thread?
With it being a gladiator phase I kinda disagree, no way we vote Tood so we always vote Argonne here, so I'd rather people catching up to thread have results to work with. No other day actions are around except yours and Dawning's, if there are any they are non-claimed and anti-town, ideally we do not want to give them the time to change their mind in case they do exist.

If we still had to debate Argonne vs DigitalGen6 it would make sense to postpone the hammer, but as is nothing good is coming for town by it.
It was a dark and stormy night...

Jk could you imagine if we started a story like that so camp.

The sun rose over the horizon and Argonne looked out her bedroom window. But there was no flame. There was no death. The smell of suffering didn't permeate the nostril.

Outside the town rejoiced. The mafia had been exterminated from this land. They were safe. Well they thought they were...little did they...

A tap on her shoulder pulled her from her thoughts. She turned to see a police officer holding a document. A warrant for her arrest.

"on what charges?" She asked.

"Attempted murder, " the cop placed the handcuffs on her wrist but she resisted.

"Of who?" She asked while trying to pull away. The cop grabbed her and slammed her to the ground.

"Mint... and Jamie. We have camera footage of you dousing them in gasoline. Should've payed more attention." She slowly accepted her fate she began to ease up as the cop placed the cuffs on and pulled her to her feet. She smiled coldly and laughed. "What's funny?" He asked.

"You'll never get the satisfaction..." in one swift motion she kicked the cop in the stomach knocking him to the ground and she wiggled her hand free. She doused herself in gasoline and lit a match holding it near herself "goodbye... and good luck"


vote: Argonne
mint and jamie huh
Jamie was probably saved by me anyway. Mint could be a problem if Argonne were to survive tonight and douse another and ignite too, we would have at least one death, which might have been prevented now.
Day 3 - Triple kill!
Day 3 Final Vote Count:
Argonne (5): Zexy, JamieIsBored, DawningWinds, DigitalGen6, Argonne

Not Voting: Mint Elv, ZinnLav, ExLight, Tood

Argonne frees herself from the grip and gets encloaked in flames. With a smile on her face she says: „This game lacked tea!“ before vanishing with the flames.

Argonne was ExLight, the Exterminator (Independ)!

„Argonne has left the game!“
As the group scatters DigitalGen6 stays behind. Steps... ZinnLav returns to the room and shoots DigitalGen6 in the upper body. As she dropped to the floor ZinnLav approached her to verify the kill.
Wait... Is DigitalGen6 grinning?


The remaining players hear a massive explosion, followed by „ZinnLav and DigitalGen6 left the game“

DigitalGen6 was Niko Bellic, Town, 1-shot Vigilant (Hidden Bomb)!

ZinnLav was Thomas the Tank Engine, Mafia, Roleblocker + 1x Daytime Assassin (can't be used during Day 1)!

Living players:
1. DawningWinds
2. Zexy
4. ExLight
6. Mint Elv
9. JamieIsBored
10. Tood

Dead players:
3. Minish
5. Pikochu
7. ZinnLav
8. TheCapsFan
11. DigitalGen6
12. Argonne

It is Night 3!

Night 3 ends on the 4th of August 2023 at 10pm GMT+2!

You can now submit your Night Actions if you have any!
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