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Mafia ABC Mafia by RavenRaziel98 (BASTARD) - Town Wins!

Actually no. Gonna give it to @Zexy now. Not trying to blow him up it's just the most non-stupid hours of the night time in Greece compared to the rest of us probably so hopefully he'll be on before deadline.
Do whatever you think is best.
Raven also said blocking someone prevents from passing the grenade, Ex is so dying in 2 minutes
2 blockers plus any Ninja-affected role could create worse tbh
Moment of truth

Even if Ex does not die, pls lynch next, we need to learn his exact role at some point, also if he does not die, he can still pass and hope to blow someone up
Dawning has given me both Extinguisher and Grenade, these things actually exist. Also Raven claimed one card only this phase.

All Ex does is BS stuff and then be like "but if I were not town why would I do that"
what the fuck are you doing don't give this shit to me
Shit has been given to you, blocked you are, locked actions too

Sorry but you have made so many things hard to us by simply not claiming everything, I need to see your entire role PM, if the game does not end with your death I will of course trust you and not touch Mido, it probably has to be Tood (cuz Dawning last scum and with truthful Grenade is too much)
All Ex does is BS stuff and then be like "but if I were not town why would I do that"
I hate you, why the fuck you keep doing this bullshit

I'm almost getting convinced that you're the remaining scum just out of this fucking annoying bullshit you keep doing in accusing me when I've been doing most of the work here, step your game up and stop this fucking annoying paranoia already

I been doing more than all other players combined and you still keep with this dumb accusations
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