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Advanced Battle on UK Toonami


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Aug 28, 2005
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Hi guys, I wasn't sure where to post this or if it's been posted here yet.. but just in case I thought I'd let everyone know. Toonami Uk has got the rights to show Advanced Battle instead of Sky One. Great news for the people who are sick of it starting late because of those stupid looooong pointless ads they show and people who like to lie in, bad news as we never know what's showing most of the time.

If nobody minds I'm going to copy the rest that I typed up on my site:

Good news for UK fans, we're getting Season Eight / Advanced Battle on the 10th October but on Toonami. This is bad news as you hardly ever know what episodes are showing, and there's evidence to suggest they're showing at least two new episodes a week (the Tuesday morning slot is an hour on the first week, and second.. they can't show the premiere twice). The rumour is that it'll be three episodes a week, but don't break out the champagne yet, the weekend repeats seem to only show one, but there's three different slots each day. Who knows what's going on, so fingers crossed the rumour is true. If so we'll catch up with the US and get ahead of them ^_^ Check the schedule*, if the rumour is true that's how it will be set out. Don't take me too seriously though, I don't know 100%. Make sure you check the episode on Monday at 5:00pm, both eps at 7:00am on the Tuesday or the 5:00pm showing, and the Wednesday 5pm one..

Here's the times that I got off the Turnerinfo site.. the episode showings themselves are not 100% accurate as I don't know how many new episodes are showing in that week, or the next. That site only posted synopsis for Chronicles once that I recall, other times we were left to guess *rolls eyes*

Clamperl of Wisdom (First Showing): Monday 10th October 5:00pm
Clamperl of Wisdom (Repeats): Monday 10th October 7:30pm, Tuesday 11th October 7:00am
The Relicanth Really Can (First Showing): Tuesday 11th October 7:30am
The Relicanth Really Can (Repeats): Tuesday 11th October 5:00pm and 7:30pm
The Evolutionary War (First Showing): Wednesday 12th October 5:00pm
The Evolutionary War (Repeats): Wednesday 12th October 7:30pm
Unknown Repeats: Saturday 15th October 10:00am, 4:30pm and 7:30pm. Sunday 16th October 10:00am, 4:30pm and 7:30pm

The following week is exactly the same deal, again I'm not sure what episodes are actually showing in those timeslots.

Source: Roses Are Red
We knew Cartton Network/Toonami had the rights, though this is new information. (Although, news should go in the forum marked news.)

Pokémon Chronicles currently airs on wednesdays and is then repeated ab nauseum, and my theory was that it would just take over it in the schedule. But it looks like it actually takes over from the Kanto/Orange Island episodes.
Sky currently has rights to seasons 3-7.

This is bad for a couple of reasons, yes Toonami are more dedicated to showing pokémon but most of the time the show isn't always edited properly. We're lucky to get both the opening theme songs and credts together sometimes, plus I doubt we'll even get Trainer's choice since we never got "Who's that pokémon" for either the Kanto or Orange Islands while it was being aired. Not complaining but if they're going to outbid Sky then it's better to make it worthwhile and give us the full package.

Second thing is I'm at uni, which is shit because I don't have access to Sky until I get home from the weekends, which would suited me well if Sky had won the rights. I don't have Sky+ recording, so I'm relying on my brother who isn't at all reliable in situations like this to tape it.

Just gotta hope those are repeats at weekends.
Sky are showing Johto Journeys at 6am daily and Advance Challenge on sundays at 8am.

Toonami do repeat Chronicles at weekends. But with three new episodes a week, I would be surprised if all were repeated in the two days.

The major problem of this I see is that we will soon be getting a large gap of no new episodes until the Battle Frontier is aired. And after the reaction to "The Legend of Thunder", if Harley is made a girl and the dub airs over here first...
Toonami are advertising this now, and what do we know? Pikachu, Ash, Jessie, and James are in it! How informative.
Wow that IS informative lol

It would be nice to know how many new episodes are showing in the first week. The schedule has a double bill of Advanced Battle at 7am on Tuesday the 11th, so it's two at the least right?
FabuVinny said:
It looks like we get three new episodes a week to me...

We wont for long since Toonami can only air them as fast as 4kids dubs them. So it's likely they'll have to slow it down a bit just so we don't have any long periods without new episodes.
Well at this rate, we will have a long gap of no episodes anyway!

I seem to recall seeing somewhere on Dogasu's site that one early episode aired dubbed only four months after the original aired in Japan. If they have the opening footage that only aired in Japan a few moths ago, then they might be able to. (It will still be a while before we get the last episode of Advance Battle.)
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Tomorrow is more interesting: We will find out if the Whiscash episode has been dubbed.
Surely we should know by now. I checked my sky digital guide (interactive one not the mag), it still has no clue. Usually in the morning I check and they have the title and synopsis. I'll have to keep checking, or just expect the Drake episode.. cos it has to be that one. We wont be lucky enough to get a world premiere.
If it airs at all, it will air tomorrow on Toonami. Most people wouldnt know it didnt air in Japan, so if it doesnt air tomorrow dont expect it to ever air.
It begins with a reference to the last episode, (badge case,) so it would be now or never. I'm not sure where Sky Digital get all their data, though I know some of it is found online. They are as wrong with the Pichu Brother episode titles as we were.
I so prefer Sky One, no really annoying edits like taking out the opening and ending theme songs, refusing to play trainers choice etc, plus the time schedules are irregular as fuck.

Correct me if I'm wrong but we've had 9 episodes of PAB played so far correct? I've had the opportunity to see uh 3 of them, since my brother is the most unreliable person ever as I've tried to get him to tape the episodes rather than me watching them at the weekends when I'm home from uni (no sky access here!).
That's right. Nine episodes out of which we have had one Trainer's Choice. Though we do get the openings and endings.
Ok is everyone's Digital Guide's getting the same as me for tomorrow. It says it's showing Clamperl of Wisdom. Tuesday and Wednesday says the same old "new series - Ash, May and Brock blah blah".

I find that strange as I caught a newly made ad for Advanced Battle new eps shown after the last one (not directly after it).
Wel, the Clamperl/Spoink episode aired today, but there is still nothing to say that tomorrow's episode won't be the Snorunt one. It is possible that they are just cutting down the new episodes per week for practicality reasons.
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