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Advanced Battle on UK Toonami

Yeh tomorrow they have "The Relicanth Really Can" or whatever it's called. This is just annoying, I'd settle for one ep a week surely but it doesn't look like we're even getting that.
It looks like it will be a while before we get the next batch. My guess is that we will get the Snorunt episode in early January.
Is it true now we've had 18 PAB episodes played on Toonami? And also where about are we now? I believe they were meant to repeat the first 3 last week but I'm not sure.

Man uni really is a drag, no Sky till the weekends :(
We ended with PAB15: "Absol-ute Disaster".
Today was PAB05: "Gaining Groudon", so yeah, we're going round again.

As much as I want to see the next two episodes, PAB18 is the first of a two-parter, so I can wait to get those two episodes together, (or five days apart, but that's still better than months.)

In January, Toonami will be going round the episodes we have already seen again! They haven't released titles from beyond January 21, so we may get them then. But it won't be before that.

Even weirder, they are showing the end of the Orange Islands and the beginning of Johto for the first time, in the slot where Advance Battle currently airs now.
I want Sky 1 back

Although Toonami show really huge 'blocks' of episodes in a short period of time, it's really annoying that they don't start a new 'block' frequently enough. The repeats are getting on my nerves! I want Sky 1 back with 1 episode a week and with it repeated on the following Saturday or on Sky 2. Toonami will end after the Hoenn league (educated guess) and we won't see Battle Frontier until around Christmas (again, a guess)!
It looks like this batch ended with The Scheme Team. Ah, well. Back to waiting.

We should get the start of season 9 before christmas, though. I think the the last episodes of season 8 will air before the end of September at the latest.
i am so annoyed i set my tape up for the episode after the scheme team expecting the enishida one and got the first grand festical onr instead
so annoying
and they are still advertising it as all new episodes
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