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An abservation about the five areas...

Feb 16, 2018
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  1. He/Him
While going through Legends: Arceus, something popped into my head concerning the different areas of the game (aside from Jublife Village and the Ancient Hideaway): The Obsidian Fieldlands and the Coronet Highlands has more story related stuff going than the other 3.

Allow me to explain (only looking at the Main Quests/Story Missions). Aside from the Nobles and Ride Pokémon (and the tutorial phase in the Fieldlands), the Colbalt Coastlands does not have anything story related after you quell Arcanine (aside from getting the Iron Plate from Heatran at Firespit Island). After the sky goes red once you quell Avalugg, of the different areas, the story does not have you go to the coastlands. You go to Lake Verity (located in the fieldlands), Lake Valor (located in the Mirelands), and Lake Acuity (located in the Icelands). Coronet Highlands has the finale of the game, in addition to getting Sneasler and quelling Electrode.

Anyone else noticed this as well? I am aware that Thundurus and Giratina are obtained at the Coastlands, but only after you defeat Volo.
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I think the worst offender is Cobalt Coastlands. They feel like another area that was just inserted into the map. I wish there was more significance given to that area because it's a varied area with different types of terrain and I like the different types of Pokémon there.

I wasn't a big fan of the Crimson Mirelands area for whatever reason so I didn't mind not having a reason to go back there. I think the color palette threw me off because I feel like the whole area is orange/red/scarlet when maybe only a few swamps in that area need to be that color. It would have been more visually interesting to me if the colors were more varied, but this is getting off topic. Not a lot happened in this area either, like you said.

Alabaster Icelands still felt important because of the plot and because there's a temple located there. I think Alabaster Icelands was dealt a fine hand in terms of memorability even though it's not as story related as the other areas you mentioned.
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